Honor 8 Lite: Comprehensive Mid-Range Smartphone Review

In-Depth Look at the Honor 8 Lite: A Powerful Mid-Range Smartphone


Find the right balance of style, performance, and price with the Honor 8 Lite only on FoneZone.ae. This advanced phone is made to fulfill all your dynamic lifestyle needs. So, if you need it for personal use or professional purposes, its bundle of features will work towards meeting your requirements.

The Honor 8 Lite has an octa-core processor, multitasking, streaming of favorite content, or even gaming - everything is done with ultimate efficiency and at a fantastic speed.

The Honor 8 Lite has this excellent 5.2-inch Full HD display that provides vivid colors and crystal precise details, making every image or video you view come alive.

The 12MP rear camera captures fabulous pictures with extreme clarity, whereas the 8Mp front camera is apt for selfies and video calls. It also packs 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card so that you get ample room for all of your applications, photos, media, etc.

In addition to its impressive hardware, the Honor 8 Lite runs on EMUI 5.0, based on Android 7.0, providing a user-friendly and customizable experience. The device's 3000mAh battery ensures that you stay connected throughout the day without the constant need to recharge.

It was priced at the unbeatable value of Dhs. 380.00 only, at FoneZone.Ae, Honor 8 Lite provides a never-before value for money in a gadget. So, make no delay; acquiring a deluxe smartphone at this amazingly reasonable price is an opportunity of a lifetime. Rush. Waiting is not an option anymore; instead log on to our website today and live the mobile dream world with the Honor 8 Lite.

Price and Availability

The Honor 8 Lite is finally available at FoneZone.ae, so hurry and be one of the first to get this behemoth package at an unbeatable price and enjoy a magical fusion of performance par excellence and style. Sleek, powerful, and fast, this smartphone is undoubtedly meant to please tech buffs and more casual users alike, who appreciate user-friendliness as well as ease of use.

The Honor 8 Lite has impressive specifications: a high definition display, processing power, and a long-lasting battery, which makes it just the right Chapati for anyone looking to upgrade their mobile to a single device.

At FoneZone.ae, we take pride in offering the best value for money to our customers. The Honor 8 Lite at Dhs. 380.00 onward ensures that you do not spend a fortune yet end up getting good quality.

It is competitively priced so it is very affordable but not at the cost of championing the highest levels of product excellence. Whatever your profession or interest-par, student, professional, or even individual looking for a reliable as well as stylish mobile phone-the, Honor 8 Lite is undoubtedly an outstanding choice that definitely won't disappoint you.

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Unboxing and First Impressions

The device was in proper condition inside the open box, as Raji had pointed out after unboxing the Honor 8 Lite. The phone has a SAR rating of 0.76, and its single camera configuration sets it apart from the Honor 8 and the Honor 6X. The package bundles the phone with a plastic bumper case, charger, USB cable, and a pair of standard earphones with an integrated microphone.

The Honor 8 Lite comes with a 5.2-inch screen-chested in this brilliant Black color. Moving on, the phone's physical overview puts metal borders, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and volume rockers on the side; at the bottom sits a micro USB port, while the secondary noise cancellation microphone can be seen at the top. The overall build quality displays the solid metal frame. Such a compact form makes it comfortable to hold and effective for use.

Connectivity and Ports

Connectivity and Ports The connectivity and port options of this phone, Honor 8 Lite, will let various users have varied options to choose from. It has a dual SIM hybrid slot where you can put two nano SIMs or one nano SIM and a micro SD card for extended storage. On top of this, this version sold in India has 64 gigabytes of internal storage and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

It is priced at rupees 17,999 and will be marketed in offline markets, hence, reaching many customers.

The Honor 8 Lite has a 5.2-inch 1080p IPS LCD screen that provides rich visuals and sharp display quality. This is a smartphone powered by the octa-core Kirin 655 processor, based on the ARM Cortex-A53 architecture, along with the Mali-T830 GPU for the high-speed performance of various tasks in a very smooth and efficient way.

The 64GB internal storage and 4GB of RAM give users all the space they may need for storing media, apps, and multitasking with absolutely no kind of compromise. Additionally, it is a dual-SIM hybrid, which brings flexibility to users who require more than one phone number or added storage space.

Software and User Interface

The Honor 8 Lite is a powerhouse of user experience for the mid-end smartphone category- this is available only on FoneZone.ae. The phone has Huawei EMUI 5.0, based on Android 7.0 Nougat, which makes it incredibly slick and intuitive while still being feature-rich. It activates the phone's performance, and the user can have a lag-free experience with each task they performs on the device.

The EMUI 5.0 on board the Honor 8 Lite has a long list of customization options to let the users personalize the home screens, widgets, and app icons to their liking. It is also spotless and minimalistic, keeping the clutter pretty much out of the way, and elements are presented in a way that is easy to navigate. There's the split-screen multitasking, also called Split-screen mode, which is activated by pressing and holding the rectangular on-screen navigation button; then there's the floating dock that brings a lot more convenience to those who juggle more than one thing at a time.

Along with this, the Honor 8 Lite's software includes competent assistance tools such as voice commands and gesture controls that help users interact with their devices in more natural and intuitive ways. Security wasn't left out, the quick and secure unlock of the device is possible through integrating a fingerprint sensor. Typically, the Honor 8 Lite will cost around Dhs. 380.00 or below, which is available at FoneZone.ae. To that end, it is an excellent midpoint of functionality and price. The software and interface are geared to provide a seamless experience that will very likely resonate with many who seek a solid phone that isn't any fuss.

Storage and Memory

This part describes the mobile phone Honor 8 Lite regarding its memory and storage. It is known that this model has a total internal storage of 64 gigabytes.

On the first setup, however, it will be noted that about 49.91 gigabytes are available out of the box. That does not take into account the allocations made for some additional apps and user data. That means, however, space is ample for the accommodation of different apps, media, and user content, even though some pre-installed bloatware comes along.

Processor and Performance

Efficient performance is provided by the octa-core Kirin 655 processor in the Honor 8 Lite. This is an ARM Cortex-A53-based processor with very smooth performance and fast response. It is a perfect companion for multitasking and heavy-duty apps. The Mali-T830 GPU also ensures lag-free graphics and upbeat overall performance.

Fingerprint Sensor

The Honor 8 Lite has a fingerprint sensor to unlock one's device with ease and security. It is strategically located on the device for quick, accurate biometric authentication, hence giving the user easy access to their phone. This adds to the overall security of the smartphone, providing a personal touch for the convenience and reassurance of its user.

Camera Capabilities

Talking of the camera features, the Honor 8 Lite comes with a single camera setup, including a 12MP rear and an 8MP front-facing camera. The camera app has all the basic features, shoved in right with the tap to focus, as well as the exposure adjustment that gives flexibility to the user for capturing the perfect picture. Along with that, it also has a fast shutter speed to take an instant snap to freeze moments.

Also, the modes of the camera software extend to photo, pro mode, and even manual mode indeed reflects the steadfast commitment by Honor to have features that are divergent for the users to enjoy the photography experience.

The Honor 8 Lite gives manual mode but with pro features inbuilt for much greater user control over the photography settings. With manual mode, settings can be changed for ISO, white Balance, and shutter speed, for instance, bringing that one perfect shot at hand in any type or form of lighting environment. Its availability in pro mode further extends the possibilities for the camera and lets the user fine-tune the art of photography and creativity.

Camera Sample Shots

Read on to know more about the excellent camera qualities of the Honor 8 Lite, now available at our website, FoneZone.ae, exclusively. The fantastic cell phone Honor 8 Lite has an impressive 12 MP rear-end camera that captures every moment in incredibly explicit details. Daylight and low light photography is brilliant, along with vibrant, sharp images that make photography a real treat.

The wide aperture mode is one of the best features of the Honor 8 Lite's camera, allowing you to professionally capture portraits-laced with amazingly blurred backgrounds-leaving the object in clear visual contrast so they appear protruding, giving depth to your images-magnifying them to the entire_processors_of Huck_finnPT absolute best. Attached to the camera are many shooting modes: HDR, panorama, time-lapse, etc. This gives flexibility in taking any sort of scene.

The Honor 8 Lite has an 8 MP front-facing camera tailored to give users great selfies and video calls. Honor 8 Lite also has a beauty mode, gesture control, and other functions that make it easy to capture great selfies. Nonetheless, the low-light performance sets this camera apart, as this guarantees truly great selfies even in low light.

If you have not Yet Witnessed the Marvel of Honor 8 Lite's Camera Performance, then straightaway come to our website, FoneZone.ae, and look at the sample shots in the camera section of that page. The Honor 8 Lite starts at just Dhs. 380.00. So it is a steal at this price for which such a device is being given. FoneZone.ae brings it now.


As evident from the Honor 8 Lite deal, it is not short on either premium design or high performance. And at such an affordable price, available in our online FoneZone.ae, it is marvelously built for a reasonable price and has very lovely blend of style and function. This smartphone comes with a starting price of Dhs. 380.00, which makes it one of the best options for a variety of users.

It is done at a reasonable price, by all means. Its sleek design coupled with a vibrant display ensures that it stands out in the crowd, while its robust internal components provide smooth and efficient performance for everyday tasks.

One of the best aspects of the Honor 8 Lite perhaps concerns the camera. With such a high-resolution rear camera, you can capture every moment in incredible detail-whether it is a bright sunny day or under low light conditions. Well, this feature suits photography lovers to the fullest. More enhanced attributes are associated with the front snapper for delivering well-clicked selfies. It also has appreciable battery life so that you might not need to recharge it repeatedly throughout the day; hence, stay connected and productive on a single charge.

Additionally, the Honor 8 Lite has an easy-to-use interface that offers a seamless, intuitive user experience. Features such as fingerprint recognition and ample storage are also included, making this phone very appealing to students, professionals, socialites, and all users in general.

Hence, the Honor 8 Lite is a tremendous smartphone-something nice in terms of elegance, performance, and price. It's a attractively priced product at Dhs. 380.00 on FoneZone.ae, it is an intelligent procurement in case you intend to raise your mobile experience game to a notch-higher level without stiff stretching your wallet. For details about this fantastic device, please visit our website today and place an order.


1. What are the salient features of the Honor 8 Lite?

The Honor 8 Lite packs a neatly fitted 5.2-inch Full HD display and outstanding colors with sharp details. Performance on the phone is pretty smooth for everyday tasks and medium-level gaming. There is an octa-core Kirin 655 processor and 3GB of RAM. This phone has a 12MP rear and an 8MP front camera, ideal for capturing high-quality photos and selfies. The 3000mAh battery fitted on the Honor 8 Lite, therefore, makes the battery life quite reliable and equally allows a person to stay connected all day long.

2. Does the Honor 8 Lite come in more than one color?

Yes, the Honor 8 Lite is available in quite a stylish range of colors. At FoneZone.ae, you get devices in black, blue, gold, and white variants to allow you to pick the perfect one that matches your style. Whichever color variant you opt for, you can be assured that it will have a very premium look and feel that adds up to the device's aesthetics.

3. Does the Honor 8 Lite support expandable storage?

Absolutely! Honor 8 Lite comes with 16GB of internal storage. The phone allows users to expand the memory up to 128GB by inserting a microSD card. This probably will be the most preferred option for those users who require more space for apps and other personal media, such as photos and videos. You never need to run out of storage space and prefer what is more important to stay in your device because of expandable memory.

4. What Android version does the Honor 8 Lite come with?

The Honor 8 Lite comes with Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box, over which Huawei has layered its EMUI 5.0 skin from its kitchen. This makes for a smooth, user-friendly experience vis-à-vis the sundry options for customization and features. EMUI 5.0 contributes to the already impressive functionality that Android brings with it; it bundles in features regarding security an optimized interface, or efficient battery management.

5. Is a sale available of the Honor 8 Lite at FoneZone.ae?

Yes, the Honor 8 Lite is available to buy at FoneZone.ae only. You can use this style statement and feature-laden smartphone for as low as Dhs. 380.00. Visit us to know more and order now- AvailBlissful shopping experience with our responsive service and quick delivery options.