Huawei Nova 2 Plus: Full Review and Analysis

Huawei Nova 2 Plus: Full Review and Analysis


Now at, the new masterpiece in contemporary technology, Huawei Nova 2 Plus is exclusively available. This slim and stylish smartphone is created for the needs of techies and laypeople. With outstanding performance, remarkable display, and leading-edge features, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus stands out as something spectacular to allow you to upgrade your mobile experience.

Moreover, the availability of 4GB RAM is good enough to provide space for running all applications, photos, and files, whereas 128GB of storage makes sure that you benefit from your device without having to confront storage problems.

One of the highlights of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus is the remarkable photography potential. The dual rear camera features a 12MP lens and an 8MP lens, making it possible to capture excellent photos with astonishing details and clarity. The 20MP front camera is suitable for selfie lovers and perfect for video calling; plus it has a class-leading feature aimed at social media photography.

Together with the best rates, from Dhs. 170.00 to Dhs. 405.00, Huawei Nova 2 Plus makes excellent value for your money. Be you a professional looking for a trustworthy device at work or a teenager whose requirement is an affordable yet qualitative smartphone, then Huawei Nova 2 Plus is the answer. So, log in to one zone. ae and check this fabulous device that will take your mobile flare one notch higher.

Price and Availability

Huawei Nova 2 Plus is available in stock on the website, bringing to our customers a supreme-class device at the most reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on offering diverse products that match different needs and preferences. The remarkable attributes of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, with its stylish body, have become the talk of the town for smartphone enthusiasts.

At, we are all about customers using our products, but at the same time, we are very passionate about making them an affordable statement. Prices for the Huawei Nova 2 Plus go as low as Dhs. 170.00 and range to Dhs. 405.00. In such a flexible price range, models that fit best into our customers' pockets are available without compromising the features provided by the Huawei Nova 2 Plus.

We value availability more than anything, as our stocks are constantly updated to meet the changing needs and demands of our customers. At, when you buy the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, be sure you're getting a genuine item with a a warranty and is supported by our reliable customer care. Mostly, we are set to guarantee seamless shopping with products that will reach you in good shape and condition on time.

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Design and Build Quality

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus looks utterly different from its predecessor and offers a good size that is easy to grip. The matte part at the back would probably gather fingerprints pretty soon, but it gives a nice premium feel.

The Nova 2 Plus comes in various colors so that one can tune the phone according to personal taste. It's much customization that will add an element of personalization and cater to individual aesthetic choices.

Now, Huawei has introduced a one-handed mode, which makes one be able to navigate through the user interface with ease using one hand. This is one of the new features that goes a long way toward an easy and seamless feel when ease of use is the key.

Featuring no Gorilla Glass protection for the front screen, a front screen protector is an excellent practical safeguard because it offers an added layer of defense from potential damage.

Display Performance

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch standard Full HD (1080p) display, rich in color and sharpness; the color might just need a minor adjustment for accuracy. The brightness of the panel and good outdoor visibility make it a pretty pleasurable experience to use. There are some notable bezels on the screen, but the overall performance and brightness of the screen make it comfortable for extended use, indoors or outdoors.

The color accuracy will be a bit on the lower level and might require a few minor tweaks, but after that, information is displayed with liveliness and invites users. Viewing angles are reasonable, if not among the best, and offer up an excellent working experience daily with no room for complaints.

It is quite adequate in brightness, making outdoor visibility a breeze for the panel. This makes it comfortable to use the device without having to strain the eyes. This property enhances the overall usability of the phone, more so when used under different light conditions.

Audio and Multimedia

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus has only one mono bottom-firing speaker, though loud enough to hear content adequately in noisy environments. Of course, the audio quality and clarity will not have high marks, just as expected from a premium device.

On the other hand, the headphone jack has not been forgotten and people are free to enjoy their favorite way of listening. Out of the box, the included earphones are somehow Apple-like, but may vary according to personal preferences.

The headphone jack allows the use of the favored headphones for the most enjoyable audio experience when consuming multimedia.

The mono bottom-firing speaker is sufficiently loud for daily use, making sure users can enjoy their content without really straining to hear in noisy environments. However, the speaker's audio clarity might not be at all significant compared to higher-end devices.

Front Camera Capabilities

Equipped with a 20MP selfie sensor, the front camera of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus churns out detailed and somewhat natural-looking snappers under most lighting conditions, including low light. Added by software Flash, its capabilities are pretty good, although it can sometimes overexpose and blow out the background. Moreover, a phone now gives the portrait mode option to the selfies on a front-facing camera to allow users to take more creative and eye-catching pictures.

The 20MP front camera does exceptionally well in making detailed, realistic shots even under low lighting. It therefore gives the user the freedom always to get a perfect picture under any circumstances.

This portrait mode is now available for the selfie camera, as the bokeh effect is visible even in an artistic selfie with the background nicely blurred. At times, though, this unwanted blurring could extend a little too far and affect photos in general.

Rear Camera Performance

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus sports a dual camera setup with 12 and 8-megapixel sensors supported by an LED flash. The camera can bring out great photos under nicely lit conditions, with details and color capture accurate even during the sunset. Yet, the snapping in such conditions might introduce some noise into the pictures, which can then be processed in post to improve quality.

In addition to that, the portrait mode of the rear camera allows for taking very creative pictures with a blurry background. This may work creatively at all times, but it gives an oversaturated picture sometimes, and in some instances, it allows no room for proper adjustment of the focus on the subject.

In the case of shooting photographs under poor light, the performance would exhibit evident noise that could apply post-processing to enhance the overall quality of the image while reducing visual disturbances.

The rear camera is in portrait mode, where users can take some pictures with a blurry-induced background, which adds to the artistic nature of taking photos. However, it is hard to focus right on the subject, and one might have to take repeated shots to achieve the desired look.

Overall Performance

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus has a Kirin 659 octa-core processor that clocks up to 2.36 GHz and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

However, with these specs, the general phone performance speaks as mid-range, at best, with stutters when scrolling or using the camera. It has also run cases of unresponsiveness, such as the malfunctioning of its camera and crashing apps, which hinders everything in general. While a software update was received during the review period, this doesn't say much about the device's long-term performance, and consumers switching to the Mate 30 may look toward Huawei for further software updates to fix these issues.

This will be notably missing among the connectivity features offered with the phone: 5 GHz Wi-Fi support and NFC capabilities.

Performance on the Nova 2 Plus does get into shaky territory because, with its occasional stutter-sometimes-unresponsiveness, the overall software stability and user experience are questionable. Consistent software updates and the presence of system malfunctions, including app crashes, have to be improved for fluent use.

Being without a 5 GHz Wi-Fi and NFC capability limits the breadth of connectivity this phone can have, making it incompatible with some more advanced networking technologies and contactless payment systems.

Software Experience

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus runs on EMUI 5.1, overlaying Android 7.0 Nougat. A major gripe is the lack of an app drawer, but this has already been incorporated so a neater, user-friendly screen appears here. Theme support is finally available, and this brings an element of personal customization to enhance the overall visual appearance. Key, among other enhancements, included the twinning of apps, making it possible to clone to use two accounts at a go. The multi-window further pushes the phone to heights of versatility and usability.

The apt twinning feature thus allows users to run two accounts of the same app simultaneously, suiting the needs of individuals who manage multiple profiles. Multitasking is enhanced with the multi-window feature, so it increases effectiveness and efficiency for users. 2D games run pretty well on the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, but while running 3D game titles, you will realize some lags that, at times, feel detrimental to the pace of playing the game. There are instances in between where one might feel the phone is not performing well for resource-intensive gaming sessions.

Gaming Performance

With 2D-oriented games, the performance of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus was decent—one can experience smooth gaming without any large-scale headaches. The jitter is pretty big on 3D games; that may have some effect on fluency and experience.

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus does well and doesn't lag in performance with any 2D games, allowing for smooth play for gamers.

Playing 3D games, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus stutters perceptibly, noticeably reducing its fluidity and pulling the general gaming experience back. Users feel the pinch of performance only in their sessions when running graphics-intensive games.

Battery Life and Charging

Another strong point of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus is its large battery capacity of up to a 3340 milliamp hour cell, considering the slim body. Even with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on, at half their maximum brightness, one would still have up to 8 hours of screen-on time. Opening all data connections would sap the screen time to about 6 to 7 hours, which is not bad. The device also features fast charging capabilities through the USB-C port, allowing for a charge of 35% of the battery capacity in 30 minutes.

The Nova 2 Plus also supports fast charging. With this, users can quickly get a considerably significant battery boost in a substantially short duration. This makes their gadget going all through the day effectively charged.

But users hardly have to do much with fast charging, as they must probably plug in the device only late at nights, considering it comes with such top-of-the-line battery life. This all results in smooth and chivvies usage about the charging of this device.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus is a fantastic smartphone assembled between performance, design, and affordability, apt for any tech enthusiast's needs or as a daily drive. We at are proud to list for sale this product at price points from as low as Dhs.170.00 to Dhs.405.00 in the market. This will make sure that the audience towards the Nova 2 Plus is quite broad, thereby securing its quality and features.

One of the most outstanding features of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus is its superior camera performance. The dual rear camera just shoots detailed, sharp, and vibrant color photos, whereas the front-facing 20MP is ideal for selfie shots. This makes the Nova 2 Plus suitable for photography buffs seeking to seize their moments correctly.

The construction is such that it feels good not only in looks but also robust and premium.

Where the Nova 2 Plus has not failed to impress is performance. Using its powerful processor and the company of a good amount of RAM, it's been swift for the most part during everyday tasks and multitasking. The Nova 2 Plus handles browsing, video streaming, and gaming with ease.

The battery life is commendable, such that you can go through the whole day with complete usage and not have to worry about recharging. In conclusion, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus is one of the versatile and dependable smartphones that allow for excellent value for money.

Advanced camera capabilities, style, and good performance at a price-friendly range make it one of the top choices. At, we recommend the Huawei Nova 2 Plus to anyone who would like to step up their smartphone game without necessarily digging deeper into their pocket. Be sure to experience great purchase assurance with our competitive price and excellent customer service.


1. What are the feature highlights of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus?

Among the crucial highlights of the phone are a 5.5-inch Full HD display, a powerful octa-core processor, and 4GB of RAM. It also packs a dual camera setup on its back: one is 12MP, with an 8MP secondary sensor that shows excellent photo quality. It comes with 64 GB of internal storage and expandable memory through a microSD card; it's powered by a 3340 mAh battery and supports fast charging.

2. Which operating system does the Huawei Nova 2 Plus run?

The Nova 2 Plus runs Android 7.0 Nougat with Huawei's custom skin on top—EMUI 5.1. This package ensures a smooth and user-friendly interface, providing a bloat-free experience with numerous customization options, giving more personal value and tailored user experience in daily use.

3. Would you recommend the Huawei Nova 2 Plus for those who want to play games on it?

Yes, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus supports gaming. With an octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM under its hood, it can let you play most games available on the Google Play Store with ease. The Full HD display also makes the visuals vibrant, making the gaming experience enjoyable.

4. How does the camera on the Huawei Nova 2 Plus perform?

The dual-camera setup ensures that the Huawei Nova 2 Plus delivers an excellent performance, whether taking pictures or recording videos. The 12MP + 8MP rear cameras take sharp, detailed photos and are pretty accurate in color reproduction. The 20MP front camera, meanwhile, is perfect for selfies, allowing you to take high-quality images with various beauty modes and filters.

5. What's the price range of Huawei Nova 2 Plus on

Huawei Nova 2 Plus can be found on FoneZone. are at a cost between Dhs 170.00 and Dhs 405.00. Within this price, it remains highly affordable for the buyer in need of a full-packed smartphone and does not have much money to spend on it. The price depends on the condition and equipment.