Introducing the Honor Watch GS 4: A Complete Review

Honor Watch GS 4 Smartwatch: First Look - Review Full Specifications


The latest product to join the Honor brand of smartwatches, the Honor Watch GS 4 was recently put on the market. Since this is a reasonably priced high- tech watch, it has everything from heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking to calorie-burn calculations. With its concise appearance and advanced features, the Watch resets the game rule of smart watch.

Honor Watch GS 4 Design and Display

Honor Watch GS 4 is equipped with a 1.43-inch round AMOLED display with a super-high resolution of 466x466 pixels and the pictures are very clear and vivid. The design of this watch is both stylish and practical. From among the Starry Sky, Galaxy Shuttle, and Jasper Astrolab colors, customers can choose from either a ven or leather strap. The smart watch has a nice and sleek modern look that can be worn with casual or formal clothing.

Display Features:

• 1.43-inch round AMOLED display.

• High resolution of 466x466 pixels.

• Vibrant and sharp visuals.

Design Highlights:

• Sleek and modern design.

• Coming in three chic color variations.

• Ven or leather band.

The Honor Watch GS 4 not only looks good but also works really well. Its design features and display make it an attractive wearable for people who need a versatile and high-feature smartwatch.

Honor Watch GS 4 Features and Specifications

The Honor Watch G 4 which lays claim to all the latest features and most advanced technology is hardly a surprise in the smartwatch market.

Display and Design:

• 1.43Inch AMOLED display with 466x466 pixel resolution.

• Sleek and modern design available in three stylish color options: A trunk full of Starry Sky, Jasper Astrolab, and Galaxy Shuttle are everything passengers of the shuttle bring to the outer space mission.

• Personalized design through selection of different ven or leather strap for eye catching appealers.

Connectivity and Calling:

• The connection of Bluetooth 5.0 for the sake of convenience.

• In-built microphone and sound speaker as well as Bluetooth calling.

• Pair’s music control over connected devices.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

• Provisions of optical heart rate sensor, air pressure sensor and gyroscope sensor.

• It is equipped to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep cycles.

• Embedded GPS that feature five main satellite location determination mechanism for accurate tracking.

• With more than 100 sports modes bodily activity dimension can be traced.

Additional Features:

• NFC payment is realized for WeChat and Alipay.

• Up to 2 weeks of autonomy with just one battery recharge.

• 5 ATM is advised for diving and water activities.

Equipped with an array of functions and, the Honor Watch GS 4 is aimed at leveling up the consumer experience and giving a user a chance to monitor health and fitness.

Honor Watch GS 4 Sensors and Tracking

The Honor Watch GS 4 comes with a variety of different sensors which allows it to locate health and fitness data very accurately.These sensors include:

Optical Heart Rate Sensor:

• With the optical heart rate sensor, the user's heart rate is monitored in real-time, which prevents any inaccurate tracking during workouts or daily activities.

Air Pressure Sensor:

• With the air pressure sensor, the Honor Watch GS 4, during the activities like running and hiking, provides altitude and atmospheric pressure information, which is quite helpful for the sports enthusiasts.

Gyroscope Sensor:

• The sensor of gyroscope guarantees accurate motion tracking, therefore step counting, distance measurement and physical activity monitoring will be highly precise.

Those sensors work in a unanimous manner and provide users with health and fitness tracking that corrects their well-being and performance.

Honor Watch GS 4 Sports Modes

Sport modes are extensive on the Honor Watch GS 4, as they are customized to accommodate diverse sports exercises and fitness.


• Along with the smartwatch there is a running app which keeps the measurements of the distance, pace and heart-rate to make the training sessions more productive.


• Specialized cycling mode enables tracking metrics during cycling sessions: speed, distance, calorie; thus, users can take advantage of all cycling performance.


• The Honor Watches GS 4 is constructed to be waterproof up to 5 ATM, so you won't need any extra protection while swimming. The swim mode of the smartwatch allows tracking the performance and the number of meters traveled during water sports activities.

Yoga and Pilates:

• The smartwatch has a special importance for yoga and Pilates users as it allows them to have facility-tracking, monitoring of breathing, movement as well as the duration of these activities which is aimed at helping them achieve holistic fitness.

Admittedly, options offered by the Honor Watch GS 4 are more than sufficient to allow users to really track their workouts accurately, pushing them further while encouraging them to reach their fitness goals.

Honor Watch GS 4 Battery Life and Charging

The Honor Watch GS 4 comes with a powerful battery which supports up to 2 weeks usage with one full charge. Such impressive battery life is aimed at making the user confident about usage of smartwatch without need for frequent recharging. As well as this, smartwatch has quick charging capability which means that it only takes one hour to charge fully. The quick charging ability comes in handy for users who need to always be on the move but still insist on their smartwatch being ready at a short notice.

Key Highlights:

• a single charge provides you with up to 2 weeks of battery life.

• Immediate 1hour charge.

• Long-lasting and reliable performance.

Thanks to superior battery management from the Honor Watch GS 4 and super-fast chargers, users can continue to be connected all the time and monitor their activities seamlessly, gain an improved experience.

Honor Watch GS 4 Waterproofing

In Honor's Watch GS 4 Five ATM waterproof rating allows you take part in water activities and sports. As long as your watch has this feature, people need not be afraid to wear it while swimming, boating, playing water or simply living a life close to nature. That is not all; the strong waterproofing even gives peace of mind for users who wear their smartwatches in aquatic environments. It enables them to go anywhere and do anything they like without hesitation.


• 5 ATM waterproofing makes it easy to go swimming and carry out water activities.

• Water damage a thing of the past.

• Enhanced durability and versatility.

In the pool, on the beach or when it's raining outside, Honor Watch GS 4's waterproofing makes certain that their active and adventurous lives will not leave the watch behind. It is their best friend in a multitude of watery environments.

Honor Watch GS 4 Color and Strap Options

The Honor Watch GS 4 offers a variety of color and strap choices so that every user can find the right style for them. Here is where you can pick your color:

Options of color:

• Starry Sky.

• Galaxy Shuttle.

• Jasper Astrolab.

Moreover, the watch is available with either a vin or leather strap, so that each user can select the strap best suited to their preferences and way of life for a truly individual look and feel.

Honor Watch GS 4 Pricing and Availability

This smartwatch is expected to hit the market with its advanced functionalities in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, interested consumers can buy it through authorized dealers and online channels, having easy access for purchase.The Honor Watch GS 4 by Huawei 's Honor brand is expected to enter the smartwatch market later this year. It is expected to offer consumers more value within its range of features and capabilities, but at a competitive price!


The Honor Watch GS 4 is a feature-packed smartwatch that brings style, functionality and advanced technology to make your fitness and daily lifestyle experience. With its glossy exterior, vivid display quality that is apparent at any angle, all-encompassing health and sports knowledge system, long battery life advantage sanitation against sweat damaging equipment, as well as an IPX4 rating for waterproofs water resistance up to 1.5m deep, Honor Watch 4 GS will no doubt leave a deep impression in the world of intelligent networked watches. No matter when a user wants his basic fuctional whole dedication to acceossories or practical and fashionable fitness gear throughout life, Honor Watch GS 4 delivers a distinctly superior performance in all areas offering excellent value and style every time.


1. How about the colors? What colors does it come in?

The Honor Watch GS 4 is available in three color options: Galactic Getaway, Polaris Terminal, and Capella Observatory.

2. What constrains are there for straps of the Honor Watch GS 4?

The users may select either a vegan or leather strap to match the color of their upper. It's a matter of their favorites as well as the type of lifestyle they are living.

3. How long do the batteries on the Honor Watch GS 4 last?

The Honor Watch GS 4 can be proud of its very high autonomy regarding the battery which can last up to two weeks without recharging hence it works very well particularly in everyday use.

4. Will the GS 4 honor watch then resist water?

It is true that Honor Watch GS 4 is waterproof up to 5 ATM, thus allowing it to be a suitable choice for swimming and water sports, and to offer protection when coming into contact with water in everyday life.

5. What the difference in Honor Watch GS 4 sports modes are?

The newest Honor smartwatch, the Watch GS 4, offers more than 100 sports modes, amongst which are running, cycling, swimming, as well as Pilates and yoga, all of them help users to accurately record and improve their physical activities.