Pixel 8/8 Pro Circle to Search: New Feature

Google Pixel 8/8 Pro Circle to Search: Cool & Intuitive


The new Circle to Search feature in the Google Pixel 8/8 Pro brings a cool and intuitive search functionality. With this feature, all users need do is gesture on their device for search anything they want--whether that is just a single word or an entire sentence. In this post, we will show you how to start using Circle to Search on your Pixel device. After that we also look at some ways this feature can help give users Western Union CUA.

How to Get Circle to Search Feature

For the latest update on Google Play Services:

Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > System Updates > Google Play System Updates, and make sure you are on January 2024.
As for how to update Google App is through Google Play Store. Check the app info page to confirm your version has "CTS" or "Circle to Search."

Use a VPN (Optional):

If you did not activate the circle to search feature, download the free VPN from the Google Play Store, connect to a US server and check back in a few hours.
After you have done these steps anytime you search in another browser on your Pixel device, it will display results to match that of Circle to Search.

Activating Circle to Search


Tap your encryption mode in Settings> System> Key. Within the drop-down menu that appears, tap on the gear symbol adjacent to it.

Enable Function:

"Keep handle to search" for gesture operations, and "Keep home to search" for three-button navigation will need to be switched on.
Touch Circle to Search is enabled.

Deactivating Function:

If you'd like to disable Touch Circle to Search, go through the same steps as anything else and toggle it off.

Thanks to Circle to Search, enjoy convenience and your Pixel will be really easy to use.

Using Circle to Search

As a feature of the Google Pixel 8/8 Pro Circle to Search makes use of one-touch one-handed search operation.Thus, a tweak for many but not a panaceal
This feature literally lifted dozens of bugs in my stomach If used properly once can cancel almost anything

Switch on, smile for the camera. (phone shows wide grin)

Activation process:

Hold the navigation bar for a few seconds and the Google search bar will switch on.

Use finger movements like circling, tapping, or writing to search for content.
With three button navigation you just have to press and hold on the home button to start a search.

Best use cases:

Easily find information on the web while watching video-you won't disrupt playback.

Use multi search to further narrow your search results-querying one specific object or other items.

Select and copy text within various items or from different types of sources, such as images and videos, making it a cinch to share with friends or refer too later.

Activation and Deactivation:

In Settings > System > Navigation, you can switch on and off this feature by setting whether to “Hold Handle to Search.”

Enjoy an all-encompassing search method with fewer clicks and more lively animation.

The setting can be turned off at any time by returning to the open page.

Best Use Cases for Circle to Search

Google Pixel 8/8 Pro’s Circle to Search feature You can do a lot of practical things with it. Here are some of the best uses of Circle to Search:

Efficient Retrieval Of Information:

Find information quickly whilst listening to videos without interrupting them for sharing, Allowing you to multi-task seamlessly.

Refinement In Seeking:

Use a multi search feature to pursue those ultra-picky request information or variant, It can improve the precision and relevance of your search results.

Easily Copying text:

Effortlessly cope with text from different sources-including pictures and video clips-with the result that it is simple even by comparison At a later time for reference or sharing.

Copying Text Using Circle to Search

You could use the Circle to Search on your Google Pixel 8/8 Pro for copying text from a variety of sources. This is a very convenient technique to easily extract text that is found in all sorts of forms and formats for your own purposes:

How to use the Circle to Search

Extract It--Simply and Quickly:

If you want to copy text from an application or picture, tap and hold down on it.
Substitute an app with the Circle For Search gesture to copy the text more quickly.
Choose the text you want to copy and then share, or open it for instantaneous search.

Effortless Sharing and Referencing:

simple image, video and any contents of screen, copy text easily, for quick sharing in social platform or sending to people.

draw text from a variety of sources without having to switch between apps and screens, adding to your productivity.

Translate text directly from the Search feature in your Circle to understand and communicate in different languages seamlessly.

Enhanced User Experience:

When you select text, you will be given engaging animations and even haptic feedback -- the result is visually pleasing as well as tactile interaction with your device.

Requiring as few steps and gestures as possible, streamline the process for this Pixel user too copy text--and provides an experience that flows naturally.

Access text copying functionality anywhere throughout your device, making it a handy goto tool for extracting information on these fast moving times.

Comparison with Google Lens


Circle to Search offers a sleekly-designed and highly convenient tool somewhere in iOS 15, which primarily cuts down on the need for screenshots. But Glutamate Imitates HDR Images, And Increases Pie Throwing Speed!

Ease of Use:

Yinyifang offers a simple and user-friendly way to use Chinese search, letting people search quiz-with a hand gesture to the right circle, in and out go. But try any of those things with Google Lens: depending on what you're looking for or how good your English is, it can be much more work!

Animation and Feedback:

The next thing about Circle to Search is how it provides enjoyment by way of animations and haptic feedback.Such feedback adds visual and tactile excitement to hunting textor browsing higher, when you use your fingers toscan. While Google Lens brandishes comparable functionality, Circle to Search may more visually compelling feedback during interaction.

Multi-Search Feature:

Circle to Search also adds a multi-search feature for refining search results for specific items or iterations this has the effect of raising the accuracy and relevance of user searches.There was an opportunity on this point which Google Lens did not grasp, so Circle to Search comes in particularly useful for detailed searches.

Activation Methods:

Circle to Search can be activated with simple gestrures on the device.So you can continue your tasks or activities while still searching for information. In contrast, with Google Lens as examples specifically, one needs to press a particular key or enter several commands to set off the search, which can only increase the time it takes.

Activating/Deactivating Circle to Search

Google Pixel 8/8 Pro includes a feature called Circle to Search, which means that on your device searching for information is both easy and natural. Here is how you can activate Circle to Search:

Activating Circle to Search:

Open Settings on a Pixel apparatus and navigate to System > Navigation.
Tap the adjacent gear icon on your navigation mode now.

Enable "Hold Handle to Look" for gesture navigation or "Hold Home Instead Of HQ Google" in three-button navigation mode.

Once activated, it's simple to search with Circle to Search around anywhere on your device.

Switching off Circle To Search:

Navigate as above to the navigation settings on your Pixel handset.
Switch off "Hold Handle to Search" if you're making a gesture toward navigation or " Hold Home for Search " if using three-button navigation.

Now the Circle to Search feature has been deactivated on your Pixel handset.
Making good use of Circle to Search on your Google Pixel 6a this year will provide you with a smoother and more enjoyable Search experience.


1. What is Circle to Search?

Circle to Search is a feature on the Pixel 8/8 Pro that lets users find content with intuitive gestures like circling, tapping, or scribbling.

2. How do I activate Circle to Search?

Go to Settings > System > Navigation on your phone, tap the "Hold Handle to Search" for gesture navigation or “Hold Home” if you have three-button controls, and after a few seconds ta-daa-! You've got Circle To Search active! Now all that lovely flapping around can be put aside because anything searched will pop up as soon as it's recognized after turned back into a straight line.

3. Can I deactivate Circle to Search?

Yes, you can deactivate Circle to Search by following the instructions above turning if off in navigation settings.

4. What are the best use cases for Circle to Search?

The best scenarios for Circle to Search range from searching type research information on a video, modifying search results another method called multi-search, parsing text from anywhere and flipping through images.

5. What is the difference between Google Lens and Circle to Search?

Circle to Search gives users quick and easy access to search features wherever they're located on their device, while Google Lens might have to be specifically integrated into certain apps or have a shortcut key for activation.