Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: A Flagship Worth Upgrading To?


Welcome to, your premier destination for the latest and greatest in mobile technology. We're proud to introduce one of the newest innovations in smartphone history—the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. It represents innovation, performance, and style. At, we try to provide our customers with the finest devices at the best prices possible. And we are now, we are introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. This masterpiece is available starting from Dhs. 1,050.00 up to Dhs. 1,587.00, thus accommodating all budgets.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is both sleek and functional in its presentation. Its slick, glass-and-metal design feels classy while glossy and a pleasure to hold in one's hand. Then comes the display—a lively 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X, representing truly stunning visuals with deep blacks and vivid colors.

Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, playing high-definition games, or just surfing the internet, the S22 Plus is sure to offer you a viewing experience like no other.

Under the hood lies a state-of-the-art processor that enables seamless performance and lightning speed in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. With its abundance of RAM, multitasking has genuinely become easy. On-board storage exceeds 512GB, so there is ample space for apps, photos, and videos. The S22 Plus comes with the latest iteration of Android tacked on top for user-friendliness and access to many applications and services.

For all photography buffs, this latest advanced camera system will be an absolute joy over on the S22 Plus. Its triple-lens setup includes a high-resolution primary sensor with ultra-wide glass to capture expansive scenes and a telephoto lens to give stunning zoom shots. Through its extensive features, like night mode, super steady video, and AI-enhanced photography, you will be able to take pictures and record videos that happen to be professional-looking no matter what kind of lighting conditions prevail.

Off the bat, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus also realizes quite excellent battery life. Its aggressive battery will survive a whole day pegged on heavy usage. Moreover, fast charging and wireless charging let you juice up quite fast when the rig needs a kick.

Price and Availability

With the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus now available on our site at, customers can join in on this truly superb smartphone experience at very pocket-friendly prices. Tightly compacted into this smartphone is a sleek design, mighty performance, and a raft of innovative features that make it a must-have for any professional or enthusiast doing his thing. Whether you're due on an upgrade from your older model or changing brands, the Galaxy S22 Plus will delight you.

Our vision at is to ensure that our customers get the finest gadgets at the best rates. In that manner, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus price ranges from as low as Dhs. 1,050.00 up to Dhs. 1,587.00, opening this leading model to even more people across many budgets. What is sure about our pricing strategy is that you are guaranteed value for your buck without incurring compromises on features or quality.

These come in different price tags defining varied configurations and storage options, helping the user choose models in the line of best needs.

In addition, we have a customer support team to answer all your questions or resolve all problems to make your shopping experience hassle-free.

You can easily browse, compare, and buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus on our website. The website has product features and high-resolution graphics in Antarctic alongside customer reviews that can spur your buying decision. We have also implemented safe payment facilities to ensure the safety of your data in the purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is finally here at There are different prices for it, such as Dhs. 1,050.00 or further huge discount prices of up to only Dhs. 1,587.00. With all this in regards to one of the most technologically advanced smartphones ever made, there should not be any reason to miss this chance. Order now through our website for the greatest performance and features with this device—the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

Design and Build

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is built afresh, while Gorilla Glass Victus Plus supports the front and rear for extra protection. The back is flatter than it was on the model it replaces, and the camera bump is redesigned to not wrap into the frame. The glossy armor aluminum frame provides an elegant and strong impression.

In turn, Samsung has also used plastic parts made of recycled fishing nets, showing regard for the environment. Also, this phone sports dust and water resistance at IP68 hence it's sturdier in various places.

Parts of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus are made from plastic produced from salvaged fishing nets, so in terms of sustainability, the commitment is pretty good.

The very best dust and water resistance available for a smartphone is achieved with the IP68 rating of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

Storage Options

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has pretty ample onboard storage of either 128 or 256 gigabytes, which will hold a lot of apps, photos, and videos. On the downside, the storage cannot be increased, leaving users cautious when choosing the right option that will suit their needs. Under-display Fingerprint Reader

Under-display Fingerprint Reader

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ has an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint reader for fast and precise biometric authentication. This makes it easy and secure for users to access the device and sensitive information without other means.

Screen Specs

The Galaxy S22 Plus comes out of the box with a flat 6.6-inch AMOLED display, featuring a 1080p resolution and refresh rate that maxes at one of the fastest: 120Hz—that high refresh rate doesn't just make on-screen animations silky, indeed capable of adjusting dynamically when they're not needed, which saves power. The quality is excellent, too, with detailed and contrasty visuals, HDR10 video support—and impressively accurate colors.

It has topped the charts in maximum brightness, at over 1200 nits, while still in auto mode. With this, plus an extra brightness mode and the new Vision Booster feature, it'll surely make better legibility and contrast advance toward bright daylight readability for this particular display.

Stereo Speakers Test

In our testing, the Samsung System S22 In addition to had a sound system with the earpiece as a subsequent speaker. It received a score of "very good" on loudness charts due to its tight mids and superior low end to its predecessor.

Android 12 and UI

The interface of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus runs on Samsung's One UI 4.1, based on Android 12. It maintains part of its familiarity with some proprietary Samsung apps and features like edge panels but adds new customization options—especially on widgets. Indeed, the latest Android 12 feature can now use color palettes for creating themes about menu and icon colors from the chosen wallpaper.

On top of that, it has a privacy dashboard through which all permission and privacy features are contained in one place. Samsung promised to give the S22 Plus four generations of Android updates.

Exynos 2200/Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Performance

It will either be an Exynos 2200 or a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, depending on the market, that powers the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

Our S22 Plus has the new Exynos model, featuring an AMD-developed GPU loaded into it. It ensures excellent all-around performance and provides you neat gameplay and app use but probably only satisfactory thermal management. Benchmark results show there isn't much of a gap in performance relative to last year's Android flagships, which demonstrates how much processing power this S22 Plus wields.

Battery Endurance

Even with a more compact 4,500 milliamp-hour battery compared to the previous model, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus manages to deliver respectable battery life. We can assure reliable endurance on this S22 Plus—though we will add that it would reduce a little compared to the previous model. The S22 Plus reflects commendable performance regarding the battery in moderate-to-heavy usage, ensuring efficiently getting users through the day.

Charging Test

Whereas the standard S22 and last year's model max out at 25W charging, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus finally supports a maximum of 45W wired charging. The odd thing is that the S22 Plus reached 62% in just 30 minutes with the 25-watt Samsung adapter, while the 45-watt charger I was given for testing only reached 64%.

Interestingly, however, the time it took to charge them was almost identical, raising questions about the charger's usefulness.. Samsung is said to be coming out with an even higher wattage 45-watt charger, but given how little this really made any difference, it remains to be seen just how much this new charger will help.

Camera Specifications

The greatly enhanced next-generation camera system of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is now available only at and redefines what smartphone photography can do. At the top of the rear, this state-of-the-art device comes with an incredibly versatile triple-camera designed for taking breathtaking photos and videos anywhere and everywhere. This shall comprise a camera of 50 MP with a wide-angle lens, f/1.8 aperture by Admiralty, Dual Pixel PDAF, and optical image stabilization.

This combination ensures that pictures are sharp, vibrant, and clear even in adverse light conditions.

Complementing the main sensor is a 12 MP ultra-wide camera with an f/2.2 aperture and a 120-degree field of view.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, on the front, comes equipped with a dedicated 10 MP selfie camera with an f/2.2 aperture. This front camera features dual video call and Auto-HDR calculation to create crisp, clear selfies and video calls in beautiful lighting. Besides, it supports 4K video recording at 30/60fps and 1080p video recording at 30/60fps on the rear camera and the front camera, which brings flexibility in producing high-quality video content from either side of the phone.

Apart from the excellent hardware of the camera, this Galaxy S22 adds numerous advanced software features aimed at enhancing the whole experience of photography: AI-powered scene optimization, Super Steady video, and different modes of shooting, including Night Mode, Portraiture, and Pro Mode, for each user to flex their creativity in creating professional-grade photos and videos.

The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus at range from Dhs. 1,050.00 to Dhs. 1,587.00. With this fantastic camera setup, along with other premium features on the phone, the Galaxy S22 Plus becomes an excellent choice for more than just a photography enthusiast; it also fits any daily user. Learn more about this fantastic device at and make it yours today.

Daylight Photo Quality

For the kind of photo taken in such sufficient natural light, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus delivers a shot with an excellent quality level across the board. The 50MP primary camera produces pictures of the flagship class, solidly detailed and nicely colored. Dynamic range is excellent, with a good balance of exposure, but sometimes it does look like solid sharpening is applied across the frame, and a few surfaces, mainly shadowy ones, seem pretty soft, with noise visible.

In this resolution, users can shoot at the full native resolution of 50 megapixels. At the same time, a new feature on the S22 series, the detail enhancer, using AI, combines multiple shots, providing results with breathtaking resolutions of detail.

Telephoto Camera Performance

The 10-megapixel telephoto camera in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus natively has three times optical zoom. There is less noise to images and very sharp and vivid detailing with color accuracy. Images clicked using the primary or for portraits show excellent separation and high-quality background blur. Yes, photographs taken from the telephoto lens may lead to a slightly soft look at the subject. The ultra-wide camera, though, seems consistent with its predecessor and clicks reasonably detailed and sharp photographs with perfect color accuracy, matching the other two cameras.

Low-light Photo Quality

The primary camera of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus does a great job in low light by continuously capturing pics with great detail, low noise levels, and exceptional dynamic range. The night mode is automatically activated in dark scenes and considerably increases exposure and dynamic range; therefore, it captures well-contained highlights and improved detail in shadows.

But such extra sharpening used in this night mode can make images look more artificially processed. The same can be said about the telephoto camera, which continues to do well when the minimum level of light is available: it takes pretty informative pictures in terms of detail, dynamic range, and sound true-to-life color reproduction. For example, if we take a zoom photo, the night mode would leave a sharper interpretation of details with better shadow and highlight rendering.

Notably, the S22 Plus adds a new night portrait mode. This offers excellent separation between the subject and its surroundings, even though things may be soft on the topic itself if captured through the telephoto lens and not in night mode. However, the low-light performance from the ultrawide camera improves much with night mode, enhancing the quality of images captured in those conditions.


The selfie quality captured by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is quite useable, with detailed and sharp shots. The dynamic range turns out to be great, and the focus also seems pretty consistent. Performance on the front camera turns out to be decent, with perfect-quality images that will surely satiate a selfie enthusiast.

Video Quality

The primary camera of the Samsung S22 Plus captures detailed video in 4K mode. Something that seems quite reasonable with detail levels here, sharp textures, and life-like colors that support a rather extensive dynamic range, fleshing out that quality in view. On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus supports 8K video at 24fps, although tangible differences for greater detail compared to 4K footage are few in number.

Indeed, one would also consider the demand for much greater storage space when capturing 8K vids.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus does quite an excellent job at capturing 4K. The detail in the videos comes out very vivid, and it only represents a very private holistic look. The ultra-wide captures are relatively clean 4K video with excellent levels of detail and a dynamically broad range. Colors also turn incredibly close to the primary camera. Save for electronic stabilization, which is supported for all cameras at all resolutions; video capture is silky smooth and firm.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is out, refreshing the designs and improving its durabilities. This is a powerhouse of a phone: an elongated, bright AMOLED display, loud stereo speakers, a main flagship chipset, and a pretty an imposing camera set. This one might be dubbed a successor, but it held an even brighter screen and an entirely upgraded power chipset with the newest Gorilla Glass and 45W charging.

One of the most significant changes it has set apart for the 2022 model is to have natively installed triple-time zooming in its telephoto camera.

This would be very much recommended to every owner of an S21 Plus looking to upgrade to a new Samsung flagship—an S22 Plus.


1. What features are in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus?

On the Samsung Galaxy S22+, there is the adoption of a beautiful 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display.

It offers smoothness and brilliant visuals with a refresh frequency of 120Hz. It is equipped with the latest Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, stuffed with up to 12GB RAM for flawless multi-tasking and performance.

At the back of the device would be a triple camera setup: a 50MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 10MP telephoto lens for broad photography needs. Further, it will come 5G-enabled with high-speed internet and an under-display fingerprint sensor to create optimum security.

2. What could be the battery life while using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus?

On a more positive note of things, offensively, Samsung has stationed the Galaxy S22 Plus with a 4,500mAh battery designed to get most users through a whole day.

It highly runs with efficient power management, as observed by the adaptive battery that automatically manages its power based on its usage. Besides this, it accommodates 45W fast charging; hence, one can quickly recharge the phone and go around daily activities without waiting so long.

Moreover, it has wireless charging and reverse wireless charging that offer convenience and ensure devices around you are charged when one is on the move.

3. Is there extended storage capacity for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus?

The internal storage for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ has variants of either 128 GB or 256 GB.

However, this one does not support expandable storage via microSD card.

For most users, ample internal storage should do fine for holding apps, pictures, and videos—or, overall, the good stuff.

It also has heaps of cloud storage options that Samsung offers, or any other external storage connectable via USB-C, should one need much more intensive storage.

4. Which operating system is installed on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus runs Samsung's One UI 4.1, based on Android 12. It arrives pretty approachable and, with several ways of customizing the device in the pipeline, beaming with features like Dark Mode, better privacy, et al. enhanced multitasking for those using the devices.

This One UI of Samsung is very regularly updated to make sure that for seamless and secure experiences, users get all the latest features and security updates.

5. How much and when will the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus be available on

Get a Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus + from, the price starting at Dhs of. 1,050.00 up to Dhs. 1,587.00 depending on the storage and color variant chosen. has ample chances to make purchases without vexation with the availability of payment and delivery services.

Please visit our website to check the latest offers and availability and enjoy exclusive deals on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. Our support team is very receptive to any query and support you might require concerning your purchase.


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