Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: Full Review and Analysis

Exploring the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: A Flagship Powerhouse


The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G by Samsung is a powerhouse smartphone, touting cutting-edge features and technology par excellence. In this review, explore the brilliant design and standout features that set the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G apart from its predecessors.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is the high-end smartphone variant that can be found only on our website. This gadget comes loaded with advanced features, making this premium device one of its kind for any user. Be it click-and-capture or power-packed performance, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is designed to meet and beat all your expectations. proudly brings you the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G at a very pocket-friendly price. The price for this great smartphone currently ranges from AED 730.00, which makes it more affordable for any user looking to upgrade and give their mobile experience a boost by changing to an awesome one without spending too much money. This price reflects our commitment to high-quality gadgets at pocket-friendly rates so you get the best value for your money.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G device variedly serves many different needs, from an advanced 108MP camera system for stunning photography and videography to capturing powerful moments in incredible clarity and detail.

Its Exynos 990 processor supports seamless multitasking operations for accessible gaming and streaming of content. Added to these features is the device's 5G connectivity, which delivers internet speeds for lightning-fast connectivity.

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Exclusively available at our website,, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G personifies modern smartphone design with this perfectly crafted device. This marvelous device merges aesthetic appeal with functionality to create an ultimate user experience. Class and suave—this is indeed what one gets from the first look at the S20 Ultra.

The premium glass and metal build makes sure the device is not only sumptuous to hold but also takes durability into consideration. Moreover, its shiny finish, coupled with different hues, gives it elegance while creating a fashion statement for each owner. One of the most striking things about the Galaxy S20 Ultra is its spacious display.

It roisters a 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, and that edge-to-edge view ensures an immersive viewing experience for multimedia consumption. This design ensures almost bezel-less screen real estate to users, enhancing everything from video playback to gaming. Adding to this aspect is a refresh rate of 120Hz that aggrandizes smooth scrolling in apps and web browsing.

The very large camera module dominates the rear. A quad-camera module rests in a slick, rectangular bump, which adds a lot to the modern aesthetic of the phone. Despite its size, this camera bump is exceptionally well-integrated into the overall design, ensuring it doesn't disrupt the sleek lines.

The cameras and sensors are so cleverly arranged to provide both functionality and elegance so that the user can take professional-grade photos and videos with great ease.

On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is ergonomically designed. With its giant display, it still offers an impeccable grasp of better use due to its gently rounded edges and well-balanced weight distribution.

The buttons and ports are intuitively placed, helping in the single-handed use of this phone. It also integrates with an in-display fingerprint sensor, improving its cool factor while providing a secure yet easy way of unlocking the phone.

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is affordably priced at Dhs. 730.00 only on our website, FoneZone., this premium device isn't just about looks; it's about top-notch performance wrapped in beautiful design. If you're either a tech enthusiast or looking toward style coupled with terrific performance on your smartphone, you get beauty, brawn, and technology combined in one with the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.


In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G features a large FDH+ AMOLED Display of 6.9 inches, biometrically catering to graphics bravura with a Quad-HD resolution for users. It has a punch-hole cutout at the top houses a 40-megapixel quad-bayer selfie camera and captures crisp images with intricate details in selfies.

This device will offers a 120Hz refresh rate display screen, which makes on-screen motion smoother than ever, though users will have to fall back to 1080p if they want these turned on. That is a little more of a trade-off for immediate sharpness as it offers an ever-so-smoother motion experience—so compelling. Its HDR 10+ rated panel will no doubt blow color life and accuracy into view with color settings, bringing more customization at hand.

With a brightness of nearly 900 nits in auto mode, it becomes straightforward to see what is on the screen in almost any lighting environment with the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. An ultrasonic fingerprint reader split under the display provides secure access to the device but not at speeds that rival some competitor offerings.


The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G from Samsung features stereo speakers; one is the earpiece, and doubles up to act like the second speaker. The speakers on this device are great, hence giving a relatively loud, obvious sound.

User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G runs One UI 2.1, based on Android 10. while the looks of the interface may be familiar now, there are subtle changes tucked away in menus and settings that make using it a little better. In particular, native video calls through the phone app with Google Duo remove the necessity for third-party video chat applications and further irons out the means of communicating.

It has a power button According to a shortcut, the power button pops up several other programmable vital functions set in some type of default by turning on the virtual assistant. So, this importantly provides easy access to key functionalities, hence an improvement in usability and accessibility in any device.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will be powered by the Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 chipset. Both are high-end chipsets that ensure the finest performance for users. A touch-sensing display with up to 240Hz further contributes to its responsiveness, specifically for gamers seeking a smoother experience and low latency in their gaming.

Equipped with an Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865 chip, the device could portray optimum performance and efficiency in all events, thus pleading for people with different preferences and availability in regions. On top of these powerful processors is the smartphone that gives speed and flawless multitasking, unbeatable by any Android device.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G gets a large 5000 milliampere-hour battery that must pave the way for excellent battery life.

However, tests with the display set to 120 Hertz returned decent but not particularly spectacular endurance—87 hours. Dialing back the display to 60 Hertz and switching to qHD returned vastly improved results: 97 endurance hours. While an excellent result in its own right, this might not quite live up to the high expectations created by that large battery capacity.

While the S20 Ultra does support 45-watt charging, the packaged charger tops out at 25 watts. It will still deliver charging relatively quickly, though; it can reach 64 percent charge in just half an hour. On top of this, it supports wireless charging and a nifty wireless power share function to give other adaptable pieces of equipment a needed fill whenever you must.


The quad-camera arrangement on the Samsung S20 ultra 5G is no doubt the star of the show. In total, it gives a well-rounded and evolved imaging system. This comprises an unbelievable 108-megapixel primary camera, a periscope telephoto, a 48-megapixel camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and lastly, a time-of-flight depth sensor. It offers such professional settings in imagery, so it will provide fantastic capabilities for capturing images to suit diverse photography needs and tastes.

This, accompanied by a solid telephoto lens, a high-resolution central camera, and an ultra-wide lens, enables one to cover almost all scenes with details and clarity. In addition, TOF Depth Sensor adds more advanced portrait modes and depth effects to the camera experience on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

Camera Performance

With the juggernaut performance on its camera functions, redefining the standard for mobile photography, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is now available exclusively at—the base price for this device is Dhs. 730.00 only. It gets a state-of-the-art quad-camera variant: a 108MP wide sensor, a 48MP periscope telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 0.3MP depth sensor.

Presenting an advanced camera system that brings unmatched clarity and details; this is the perfect device for professional photographers and any everyday user who wants to take stunning shots.

The key feature of the camera of this model in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is the 100x Space Zoom. This innovation enables zooming in on a subject so close that its details, unintentionally skipped by the human eye, are retained.

Whether capturing distant landscapes or positioning on minute details, the zoom performance of the S20 Ultra renders every shot clear and crisp. With a 108MP primary sensor, resolution can be highly improved, so you will want to crop and edit photos without losing any detail.

Another such venue of excellence is the low-light photography with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. With its oversized sensor size and advanced night mode, this camera captures vivid images in areas uniformly lit. Thus, making it very fitting for photography done at night or in a dark place.

Additionally, AI-based scene optimization on the camera further enhances the quality of your photographs by capturing scenes intelligently based on the scene, so photographs shot are of superior quality always. Video recording on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G isn't less impressive.

The device supports 8K video recording, which does the job of taking high-definition footage—and this will be great for professional videography or capturing moments in stunning detail. Videos recorded in Super Steady mode stay smooth and steady when users move fast; hence ideal to capture action shots or scenes in motion.

This is an opportunity to become the owner of this highly innovative device, now available at an unbeatable price, Dhs. 730.00.


While the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G rolls out a multitude of advanced features—like most prominently, its versatile camera system—the device offers both impressive capabilities and some limitations.

However, many drawbacks exist, such as limited practical benefits of the provided 8k recording, thermal throttling of its chipset, and the inability to run together the high refresh rate with qHD resolution, all of which could be utilized poorly by each user.

While it works well in so many ways, there are a few shortcomings to this impressive device and a premium price point that justify careful thought before you answer with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G shows that Samsung has not stopped improving the innovative and excellent ways it does its smartphone business.
This flagship device, available only on our exclusive website,, is elaborated on sophisticated technology and premium design, so it becomes the most wanted product for tech-savvy people and power users in the same manner.

With this 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED display communist, it unfolds some of the most jaw-dropping visuals ever seen, so you will be perfectly lost in your favorite TV shows or while engaging in graphic-ly rich gaming sessions.

Externally, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is fitted from under the hood with a powerhouse Exynos 990 processor coupled with up to 16GB of RAM. Here's one thing: such a combination guarantees: smooth multitasking and ultra-super performance.

This will let you smoothly switch between apps and web browsers or indulge in top-tier lag-free gaming.

In addition, it hosts 128GB of internal storage, expandable with a microSD card, so you can store all your photos, videos, and apps with enough room to spare.

This model serves as the best in the line of totally revolutionary camera systems provided by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Subsequently, it has a stunningly huge 108MP primary sensor, a 48MP periscope telephoto lens, and a 12MP ultra-wide sensor coupled with a DepthVision camera to redesign mobile photography right in your hands. With advanced AI and image stabilization built-in, each photo is sharp and vivid.

With 100x Space Zoom, you can capture stunning details from any distance. Next, with the 40MP front camera, it takes selfies to a different level—engaging you with its crystal-clear images and video quality for all your social media needs.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is not an ordinary smartphone but a powerhouse in technology and innovation. Starting at Dhs.730.00 and in line exclusively at, it brings next-level performance, a top-of-the-line camera system, and a vastly improved immersive display for upgrading experiences—genuinely fitting for making valued investments to keep anyone ahead today in terms of technology.

Don't miss a chance to become the owner of one of the most advanced smartphones available—learn more about the device at our website and experience what mobile futurology has in store.


1. What are a few of the critical features of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G?

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G from Samsung is simply loaded with all the features that would make any smartphone one of the most advanced. It features an adequately large Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, whose screen size stretches to 6.9 inches, and a screen resolution of 3200 x 1440 for vivid and clear visuals.

Globally powered by the Exynos 990 processor, the US variant is powered by a Snapdragon 865 with up to 16GB of RAM for lag-free performance on multitasking and gaming. Significant is the fact that one is empowered to connect to 5G for ultra-fast downloads and streaming on the S20 Ultra 5G.

2. How good is the camera performance on the Samsung S20 Ultra 5G?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G raises the stakes in camera performance with a genuinely excellent quad-camera setup. It houses a 108MP wide-angle camera, a 48MP periscope telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 0.3MP DepthVision sensor.

This can take beautiful high-resolution pictures, give clear 10x hybrid optical zoom, and go up to 100x Space Zoom. It could record 8K videos as well. Added a 40MP front camera, ideal for high-definition selfies and video calls.

3. How long is the battery life of a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G upgrades the battery capacity to 5000mAh for great all-day battery life. It supports up to 45W of Super Fast Charging, therefore letting one charge the phone within an extremely short period; moreover, it has 15W wireless charging and 9W reverse wireless charging to provide mobile charging to other devices.

With these features, you can be assured that your S20 Ultra 5G will be able to match up to the pace of your fast-paced life.

4. How much storage is available on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has various storage options to suit your needs. They generally are available in 128GB and 512GB versions for internal storage. Besides this, it has a provision for a microSD card expandable storage device that supports adding as high as 1TB extra storage space. This thereby ensures an appropriate storage for all apps, photos, videos, and other significant documents.

5. Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G resistant to water and dust?

Yes, it does. The device is strongly constructed based on the resilient nature of situations of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Proprietary IP68 rating for protection against water and dust infiltration to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes of submersion — existent.

This makes it suitable for use in any type of environment, and peace of mind is gained that the device is protected against accrued minor accidents like spills, splashes, or dust particles. Finally, the price at which the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G hits the market starts at Dhs.730:00. Learn more and buy now from!