Blackview Hero X10 Review: Budget Foldable Phone

Exploring the Blackview Hero X10: An Ultra Budget Foldable Phone


In the unfolding soap opera that is ultra-budget foldable phones, the Blackview Hero X10 is the latest star. On the surface, this flamboyant folder offers an intriguing combo of features for a price point that is certain to pique the frugal curiosity of many a consumer.

Not only does the Hero X10 pack in many of the spec-sheet highlights that users might be looking for, it also offers some that are genuinely astonishing for the price.

Under the bonnet sits a MediaTek Helio G99 (that’s impressive enough to want a look if only for the branding), with a high resolution OLED display set at a 120Hz refresh rate. If that’s not enough, the marketing material does not hold back. The Hero X10 also ships with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and its design is just as speculative. It is less of a riff on its rivals and more its own thing — with a slick original look, and a faux leather finish on the cover.

• Creased

Like its many opponents, the Hero X10 appears to be strongest where it can maintain. Its display specification and eye-catching performance suggest an impressive bang for the buck, but the device does not possess the same top-end battery as larger foldables might. It seems likely this could be a crease on its pretty face.

Rise of Affordable Foldables

As foldable phones continue to gain popularity, we're seeing a growing number of brands launch foldables at more affordable price points. Take the Blackview Hero X10 for example, an ultra-budget foldable offering a unique mix of features at an enticing price. At just Dhs.1,586.74 , it represents a very wallet-friendly way to jump aboard the foldables bandwagon.

Despite its cheap price tag, the Blackview Hero X10 doesn't scrimp on specs. A MediaTek Helio G99 chip, high-resolution OLED display running at 120Hz, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage mean the phone has better specs on paper than many more expensive foldables.

With the growing number of foldable phones, more brands are making an entry into the market with not-so-expensive options. Blackview Hero X10 shines as an example of an ultra-budget foldable phone and offers quite a unique set of features at a pocket-friendly price. Priced at just Dhs 1,590.76, or to be exact, approximately Dhs 1,579.39, the device offers an affordable entry to the

The Blackview Hero X10 may be affordably priced, but that in no way indicates that they skimp on quality or power. The Blackview Hero X10 is driven by a MediaTek Helio G99 processor and offers a high-resolution OLED display equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate, matching 12GB of RAM with 256GB of internal storage: specs that put it up against more expensive folding units.

The Blackview Hero X10 also receives a very sleek design of the faux leather finish cover with very good internals for an extremely stylish and premium look. Where the device really stands out in a lot of areas—be it display quality, or even performance—the 2,630 milliampere battery capacity may be something that some users find too low for their requirements.

Blackview Hero X10 Overview

The Blackview Hero X10 is an ultra budget folding phone which combines some attractive features, all at an affordable price. Priced at just Dhs.1,590.76 and approximately Dhs.1,579.39, this device puts an entry into the foldable phone trend in everyone's reach. However its price is budget-friendly, Blackview Hero X10 is top of the range qualitatively with figures that match (or surpass) more expensive foldable devices.

This phone comes with a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, an OLED display that has high resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate and 12GB of RAM plus 256GB storage, ensuring powerful performance and a breathtaking visual feast for the eye.With its sleek design and black tones, the Blackview Hero X10 is deliciously different from the normal budget phone. The luxurious feeling faux leather finish cover looks like nothing else on cheap devices.

Regardless of how good the device is in other respects, its battery capacity of 2630 mAh may be a problem for those who need longer periods away from a wall plug in skimpy charging sessions.

The Blackview Hero X10, on the whole, provides a cost-effective choice for people in the market for foldy phones. It comes with an affordable price tag and plenty of surprising features.

Specs and Features

A MediaTek Helio G99 processor is set-up in the Blackview Hero X10 to deliver sound performance for its price.Its 6.9-inch OLED display runs at 120Hz, making for a smooth and vivid viewing experience. Moreover, the machine has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which mean things can be done without a twofold sense that--one 'doing' a thing and the other 'worrying' about whether anything is going to happen.

In terms of design, Blackview Hero X10 has its own unique look with a high-read faux leather finish on the cover that makes it stylish and highquality.The external display is simpler, but it does fit well with overall design of the phone.The camera setup incorporates, on the front cover, a 108-megapixel main camera and a 32-megapixel front camera for self portraits and more recent high-quality phone photos.

with its custom Droid OS 3.1 display layer and Android 13, people will find Blackview Hero X10 enjoy a unique experience.Under the hood has great performance and excellent quality of display, but that battery is still only 2630 milliamps. For those who need long hours between charges this could be an issue.Overall, the Blackview Hero X10 is a striking option offered by the folding phone type, particularly at such value.

Mediatek Helio G99 Processor

The phone is equipped with MediaTek Helio G99 processor, which ensures its reliability in terms of price and quality. Though this lacks the staying power of some more advanced processors, for most everyday uses and multi-processes, the G99 lets it out with a fine balance in both directions.

The new phone will sport an OLED dispaly with high resolution and quick refresh rate(120Hz). This makes the screen as smooth and vivid as looking at it from another angle where the goofs have been taken out(Not literal, but good image). The 12GB of RAM provides a seamless experience for multitasking and extra space(256GB) Mean space is the saying that tells you how comfortable your beds are; with this you can load up your phone items photos media.

The Blackview Hero X10's faux leather cover design is a low-key, faux-positive that ranks the case highly in both elegance and quality. In addition to its tidy appearance, the unique camera module design adds to Blackview's sense of style. Blackview Hero X10 runs Android version 13 with Blackview OS 3.1 layer of customization. As a result, the smartphone brings a tailor-made experience for users.

On the one hand, the Blackview Hero X10 boasts of an excellent performance and display quality. On the other however, its battery capacity is low at only 2,630 milliamps. For users looking to go without recharging for any length of time imaginable, this will clearly be problematic. In any case but for this moderate flaw, the Blackview Hero X10 is still an appealing choice for people who wish an ultra-low budget folding telephone with wonderful features. At such a price point it seems very worthwhile to own.

Display: Internal vs. External

There is a difference between the internal and external screens of the Blackview Hero X10 that the visual effect show us His internal display, with its 6.9-inch screen, a high-definition Plus resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate, brings a bright and smooth visual enjoyment that is perfect for entertainment. Being an OLED panel, the colors will be rich and the blacks deep, which will improve overall quality of the picture.

On the other hand, the external display is much more straightforward. It has a lower 60Hz refresh rate than here.

Though it may not be as advanced as Inner Screen , Outdoor Display really makes things easier on users. All the push notifications and basic operations are taken care of before Old Sarge.

The external cover is unique in its design, a visit to a leather finish with lengthened camera module cant help but add some elegance to the phone's appearance.

In conclusion, Blackview Hero X10 provides different users with a two-screen experience. The source of the trend and a practical yet economical foldable phone package

Camera Setup

The Blackview Hero X10, featuring a 32-megapixel front camera and a novel 108-megapixel main camera on the cover, enables both high-definition photographs as well as spectacular selfies! The exterior display has a pretty basic design but still manages to add an air of charm to this pocket-sized device.

The elongated camera module on the external cover gives the Blackview Hero X10 an unusual look and a bit of its feel. While the secondary camera on the cover is perhaps mainly there for show, the main camera also counts. The picture quality of a budget device's main camera has really been lifted. As such, the front camera takes nice and clear selfies, making it easy to capture your memorable moments!

Whether capturing stunning landscapes or taking selfies with friends, the device's camera capabilities can accommodate various photography requirements, making it an attractive choice for ultra-budget foldable phones with plenty of features. With the goal of offering users a mufti-photograph experience, Blackview Hero X10 camera setup melds into their aesthetics and design more than any other part does.

Storage and RAM

You get 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, giving you plenty of room to multitask and shoehorn in all those apps, photos and multimedia files. The MediaTek Helio G99 chip provides smooth performance for everyday tasks and gaming, with a good tradeoff between efficiency and horsepower in its price range. Its 6.9-inch OLED display with a crisp 120Hz refresh rate provides vivid visuals and fluid pictures, just right for enjoying all the movies, YouTube videos and other multimedia the web has in store.

The internal display is rich in colors and blacks deep; the outer one lets you get at notifications and basic functions by application without having to open these phones up. The cover's fake leather finish adds a touch of class to the device, setting it apart from other budget foldables. The Blackview Hero X10 ships with Android 13 and Droid OS 3.1 user interface, for a customized look and feel that builds on usability.

Just as with its function, so it also maximizes your convenience in using the product--which is more than any ordinary phone already does. Overall, the combination of storage, RAM, and performance features on the Blackview Hero X10 adds up to impressive specs at an entirely reasonable price. That makes it an exciting choice for budget-conscious shoppers who want their phone both lightweight and waveform.

Operating System and Customization

Android 13 Droid OS 3.1 customized system, the Blackview Hero X10 has picked up just a few changes of its own system here and there to make user experience more practical, so you're using your computer exactly the way that suits you. This customization layer adds to the standard Android experience unique features and improvements, extending the range of options and functions that users can enjoy. EdgeInsets, Rich Pinning and other features have widened the horizon for third-party developers so that they can now offer even more creative customizations.

Although it is notable for its excellent performance and display quality, the smaller battery capacity may present something of an issue. But despite that one defect, the Blackview Hero X10 still compares well to the leading models from Samsung and Huawei; overall it is a great choice in terms of cost-effectiveness or performance with some unique features thrown in for good measure.

Battery Life Concerns

While the impressive specifications of Blackview Hero X10 feature a very affordable price, one continuing area of concern for prospective buyers is the battery life. Being of a capacity of only 2630 mA, the device's battery may struggle to keep up with extended use between charges. For a user, this smaller battery size could mean more frequent recharging. In particular with heavy use or when running power-hungry applications the phone is likely to require a fresh charge.

Downsides for the Blackview Hero X10

Users looking for a foldable may find that the limited battery capacity poses a constraint.

The high-resolution display is a bit of a luxury option. But the Blackview Hero X10 has various attractive features such as its reasonable price and the MediaTek Helio G99 processor.

Even though many people may find some compensation to the above disadvantages But given this Ultimate Lite Crabby Phone's overall balance of function and price, it might well be conquered by users.


1. Where can I find out the market price for Blackview Hero X10?

It will set you back Dhs1,590.76 for Blackview Hero X10. This translates approximately to Dhs1,579.39. One regional perspective would suggest that it could be around 7,300 Mexican pesos.

2. What is the Blackview Hero X10 CPU?

Blackview Hero X10 is outfitted with an integrated MediaTek Helio G99 platform that provides good overall value, offering mid-range performance at affordable prices.

3. How about the Display Specifications for a Blackview Hero X10?

For the internal display of the Blackview Hero X10, it is a 6.9 inch 2790 x 1188p FHD+ display with 120 Hz refresh rate. OLED is the material. The exterior display is simpler: a smaller format with 60Hz refresh rate.

4. How much RAM and storage does the Blackview Hero X10 is equipped with?

The Blackview Hero X10 has 12GB of RAM and 256GB storage capacity.Idea ample space to multitask smoothly; there's also enough room in which those new apps, photos birthdays can be posted in an instant moment.

5. The box inside is all yours now!What is Blackview Hero X10's battery capacity?

There is a 2,630 milliamp-hour battery in the Blackview Hero X10. Any user requiring more than just one day's use from it might be concerned.

6. What operating system does the Blackview Hero X10 apply to?

The Blackview Hero X10 has Android 13 as core and Droid OS 3.1 as service integration layer. It is a custom system offering exclusive features for the user.