Everything You Need to Know About the NEW iPad Pro

Everything You Need to Know About the NEW iPad Pro


The NEW iPad Pro, however, has been the subject of many delays, and time to fill the air with speculation and excitement among Apple enthusiasts. This is an ultimate guide where you will get to know all the latest features of the NEW iPad Pro, including the display, battery life capacity, camera improvements and upgrades, and the new processors introduced. Stay tuned to learn everything there is to know about the most awaited NEW iPad Pro.

Constant iPad Delays

Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for the new release of the iPad Pro, but they have been in a furor and, in their words, "speculation" from endless delays. The first was in March, then they were pushed back to April, and now it has again been delayed until May. This would not be the first time that delays have been attributed to production issues created by the new displays. Specifically, referring to poor yields of the OLED panels for the 11-inch model.

As a result, Samsung had to switch some of their production for the 11-inch panels to LG, causing further setbacks. That has certainly disheartened many followers, but here are the exciting new details that have leaked about the NEW iPad Pro to add to the excitement. Perhaps more interestingly, this makes reference to a V4 Apple Pencil in iPadOS 17.5 beta that could refer to a redesigned Apple Pencil—perhaps the fourth generation.

The new Apple Pencil could also feature a squeeze gesture, bringing new functionality to provide the natural equivalent of the existing double-tap gesture. The new iPad Pro, on the other hand, is said to feature a very special kind of OLED panel that consists of two OLED layers to crank up the brightness several notches higher and improve image quality. Meanwhile, a leaked regulatory filing shows that Apple is set to release four models of the iPad, likely corresponding to the two sizes for both the iPad Pro and iPad Air. It's possible that such a filing could indicate that the NEW iPad Pro might bring some pretty serious changes and upgrades that would make such delays perhaps a little bit easier for fans to swallow.

Production Issues and Display Details

The production of the NEW iPad Pro has been tricky; actually, a string of holds that has put really frustrating and even provoked speculation among Apple enthusiasts. Production issues for the new displays, according to rumors, include low yields on OLED panels for the 11-inch model.

As a result, Samsung had to switch some of their production for the 11-inch panels to LG, causing further setbacks. Originally, the plan was that Apple would use Samsung for the OLED panels on the 11-inch iPad Pro and LG on the OLED panels for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. But issues are arising that are not only related to the delay in its production. Some exciting new details have also been leaked regarding the display and other features of the device, which have made it even more anticipated.

The NEW iPad Pro, on the other hand, is expected to come with a very special kind of OLED panel that uses dual OLED layers to increase brightness manifold, ultimately yielding improved image quality. The new displays were the main reason for a noticeable thinning of the body of the iPad Pro.

Leaked CAD models ahead of the release show a body 13.5% thinner on the 11-inch model and a huge 21.8% thinner on the 12.9-inch model. The models suggest that Apple was aiming at an image quality that has no equal in the market while providing a lightweight design.

Among those findings are a V4 Apple Pencil in the iPad OS 17.5 beta, hinting that the Apple Pencil is redesigned with a fourth-generation hinting that it supports a new squeeze gesture.
What was further revealed in the leaked regulatory filings is the fact that the company is planning four iPad models, which would likely correspond to the iPad Pro and iPad Air having two sizes each.

Exciting New Details

And, while this, of course, has frustrated Apple fans and enthusiasts with delays and production issues, some exciting new details of the NEW iPad Pro are on the loose and, so, they are even more anticipated. And here they are.
The new iPad Pro is expected to come with some special type of OLED panel that uses a dual OLED layer. This will be a great way to enhance the brightness and hence produce the result of better quality in the image set up for the tablet. It will ensure that this tablet has the best image quality and is a wafer-thin design.
And within that iPad OS 17.5 beta was hidden code that referred to a V4 Apple Pencil, hinting at the new version's redesign. With it, the new Apple Pencil can support a brand new squeeze gesture that will offer much better usability than the current double-tap gesture. The leaked regulatory filings apparently indicated that four models of the iPad are headed to retail, likely corresponding to two sizes for both the iPad Pro and iPad Air. This filing suggests the NEW iPad Pro will come with significant changes and improvements. Last but not least, both the new iPad Pro and the new iPad Air will also display battery health data with a battery cycle count that reveals to a user some more of the important information regarding the health and life of their device's battery. The NEW iPad Pro is likely to update cameras and lenses in such a way that it uplifts the general photography and video-taking experience of the users.

Redesigned Apple Pencil

The redesigned Apple Pencil is one of the most highly anticipated features of the new iPad Pro.

The V4 Apple Pencil, likely 4th-gen, should, therefore, be capable of supporting a brand-new squeeze gesture. That, in turn, would manifest as a more instinctive way, based on how users perceived it, to be interacting with their Apple Pencil, rather than the present double-tap one. This new input method is likely to enhance the overall user experience, providing more versatility and convenience.

Added to that, there were the previous rumors of a color sampling sensor which would apparently allow the user to sample the color and texture of real-world objects using an Apple Pencil.

Although not mentioned, if this functionality will be added in iPad OS 17.5, this will be a game-changer for digital artists and designers—perfect in transitioning from physical art mediums to digital. And there is also an addition of information on battery health and cycle count in iPadOS 17.5 beta. This will give the users of the device insight into the battery health and the longevity of their device, thus contributing to power management that is more transparent and put under the control of the owner.

All in all, this new Apple Pencil hardware, with the software features, makes a pretty strong indication toward the complete keenness of Apple to work on further improved functionality and user experience for the new iPad Pro, making it a pretty promising and unique gadget.

Battery Capacity and Cycle Count

An interesting feature of the NEW iPad Pro is that it shows battery health and the number of cycles. A new feature of battery capacity and longevity monitoring has been introduced on the device with the unveiling of an iPadOS 17.5 beta. Up to now, viewing battery health was not natively supported by iPads. In fact, for that purpose, the user would need to connect the device to a Mac or use some third-party tool. This new feature will help users be able to see more of and take control of their device's power management.

Another important addition is the cycle count of the battery; it shares with the user the number of charge cycles that have been going through on the battery of your device. This is quite key to the users, whereby they can comprehend the general health and the life of the battery, thus possibly make decisions from that base of usage and maintenance. Worth noting is the fact that, already, the iPhone and MacBook display the battery health and cycle count information to the user. Joining the ranks soon to benefit from the displayed battery health and cycle count will be the NEW iPad Pro, and just like the rest, it's better in terms of power management across the device. That dovetails with Apple's avowed pledge to improve the overall user experience and functionality of their devices, and makes the NEW iPad Pro, in particular, a very eagerly awaited launch.

Potentially Improved Battery Longevity

The new iPad Pro is supposed to come with enhanced battery management features and possible strides in battery longevity. It also tells you the cycle count of the battery in such a way that the health of the battery is more revealed, even the more for the offer of clearer details to the user on managing power of their device. Battery long life on the iPad Pro may see an increase, upping the rated cycle count for battery health from 500 to 1,000 cycles. "These improvements further the promise of better battery performance and durability in the NEW iPad Pro whilst aligning with Apple's commitment towards enhancing the overall user experience and productivity of the devices.

Camera Upgrades

Among others, the NEW iPad Pro is reportedly going to pack some new features, which may include an improved camera and lens that will give better experiences in video and photo shooting. Although it's much speculated that the fact the back cameras will be updated, the main sensor is the same from the 2018 iPad Pro, and the ultra-wide is from 2020.

This would certainly also suggest that the cameras might be upgraded based on the cost of the iPad Pros. Repositioning the landscape Face ID alongside the front camera is more of an improvement for the landscape experience than that of the front-facing cameras. Another problem that could trigger a production delay was mentioned by DigiTimes: camera lenses. No clear leaks have come regarding new cameras, but in such production delays, we often see major changes to camera technologies in the NEW iPad Pro.

The users can take pictures with the iPad or use the cameras for the creation and editing of content from it; thus, the advanced capabilities in the camera will greatly improve the value derived by the user of the NEW iPad Pro, all in line with the commitment of Apple towards advancing the most innovative technology and user experience.

Leaked Chip Details

In March, the details of chips for as many as 16 of Apple's upcoming products got leaked. This included information about the chip for the next-generation iPad Pro. Info from the leak indicates that the iPad Pro will have the much-anticipated M3 chip for performance and efficiency. The new iPad Airs, on the other hand, will get the M2 chip, which brings a balance between power and energy efficiency.

The 7th gen iPad Mini is set to be upgraded to the A17 chip, probably to be A17 Pro, a chip that strongly suggests marked performance improvements over the model currently on offer by the company. The A17 Pro will have more RAM than the A17, probably an 8GB variant, and a bigger minimum storage of 128GB. It is a big leap and shows the commitment of the company towards its customers by presenting the best features and top performance in every regard. Now, this particular regulatory filing has shown that four models of the iPad are set to be released, likely corresponding to the two sizes between the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

However, it's unlikely that the new Mini and the new entry-level iPads will be announced alongside the iPad Pros. So, these delays and changing chip details are all showing the high anticipation and excitement the new iPad Pro has actually really brought with it, along with all generational upgrades that it is due for, for the device that is due for Apple's tablet lineup.

Upcoming iPad Models

Apple fans have been waiting for the release of the NEW iPad Pro, but alas, it is being delayed time and again. Trouble in the production of the display seems to have struck yet again, and the latest in line is the poor OLED panel yield for the 11-inch model. Samsung had originally been destined to supply the OLED panels for the 11-inch iPad Pro, and LG had been tapped to supply OLED panels for the 12.9-inch model. But due to the production setbacks, now LG has 60% of all iPad Pros displays. However, some very exciting new info is leaking in about the upcoming iPad Pros which only furthers that anticipation. iPadOS 17.5 beta Code hints on the appearance of a V4 Apple Pencil, hinting at a possible redesigned Apple Pencil

The new Apple Pencil is also expected to support a new squeeze gesture to make it friendlier for the Apple Pencil than the current one. Even further, leaked regulatory filings seem to suggest that four models of the iPad are about to come out, likely corresponding to the two sizes for both the Pro and Air versions of the line. So, the filing does more or less suggest that we can expect substantial changes and improvements coming with the NEW iPad Pro, which is sure to make the delays a tad more bearable.

According to some of the sources, the NEW iPad Pro is also expected to feature an exceedingly advanced type of OLED panel, using dual OLED layers. This will bring unmatched picture quality, a slim design, considering that leaked CAD models show much thinner bodies for both the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch models. The thin bodies of the iPad Pro: these are the ones which will be demonstrating Apple's commitment to delivering top-of-the-line technology and user experience.

The updated iPad Pro is also said to bring improvements in the field of cameras and lenses, for an overall improved experience with photo and video capturing. The back cameras are expected to be updated, but the main sensor stays the same as in the 2018 iPad Pro, and the ultra-wide comes from the 2020 model.

But the source has said theredata-accordion="there have been some production delays because of problems with lenses for cameras," indicating that iPad Pro will have quite good improvements in camera technology. That again shows Apple's intention of giving the consumer or fan the very best in state-of-the-art technology and performance on their devices. It's supposed that the iPad Pro is going to have an M3 chip, which really scores high for performance and efficiency. This is only a continuation of Apple's commitment to improving the functionality and user experience on their devices.

Regulatory Filing for New Models

The leaked regulatory filing shows that four models of iPad are to be released, likely corresponding to the two sizes for both the iPad Pro and iPad Air. This simply means that the NEW iPad Pro is definitely worth all these delays, with major and meaningful changes and improvements coming up, as the filing hints. It is now thrilling to consider the improvements and refinements that this set of new models will bring to the iPad lineup, thus assuring users that the firm is always committed to leading technology and innovation.


Apple fans will be getting quite impatient with the release delays of the NEW iPad Pro, and leaking all the details showcasing all the new functionalities and improvements can only do much more to raise this anticipation level.

From the redesigned Apple Pencil to faster chips, improved battery life, upgraded cameras, and leaked chip details, here are all the reports on the iPad Pro you need to know.

If these delays have tried the patience of fans, it is only in so far as the product—unrivaled image quality, lightweight design, cutting-edge technology—has merely made anticipation for the impending release that much more thrilling.

Great changes and improvements are expected from the NEW iPad Pro, thus adding to the weighty anticipation of a great deal more from this batch of Apple's new tablets.

With the latest release date days away, the NEW iPad Pro slowly starts to build anticipation, allowing enthusiasts to look forward to seeing its innovation in features and performance.


1. When is the release date for the NEW iPad Pro?

If we are to go by the Mark Gman report, several postponements have been cited for the launch of the NEW iPad Pro.

2. What is causing the delays for the NEW iPad Pro?

The delays have been linked to the production problems because of the new display, specifically to the poor yield on the OLED panels for the 11-inch model that Samsung and LG are already grappling with. And for the NEW iPad Pro, that further sets them back.

3. What are the new features expected in the NEW iPad Pro?

Among the new things you would expect, one of them would be a redesigned Apple Pencil (presumably the fourth generation) with a new squeeze gesture. A type of OLED panel of a special kind, with two OLED layers for brightness and an improvement for the image quality. And then there are the cameras and lenses, which might see upgrades to take even better pictures and new videos.

4. Will the NEW iPad Pro display battery health and cycle count?

Yes, the NEW iPad Pro will show battery health and cycle count, providing users with some important information about the battery capacity and life of their device.

5. What chip details are expected for the NEW iPad Pro?

The NEW iPad Pro is expected to come powered by an M3 chip, known to have maximum efficiency and performance, thus setting up another strong standard by Apple toward the provision of technology and performance in its devices.