Galaxy S23 FE Review: Essential Insights and Analysis

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If you have been thinking of buying the Galaxy S23 FE, then this review is a must-read for you. This comprehensive review of the device features literally serves for the overview of the gadget in general and its strong and weak points.

By the end of this newsletter, you will be clear on whether the Galaxy S23 FE is the one for you.

Overview of Galaxy S23 FE

The Galaxy S23 FE will reportedly run a body with an IP68 rating for resistance to water and dust up to the phone. It is expected to come with a 9-band equalizer, alongside Dynamic AMOLED 2X for audio and display, respectively. With this, the device's camera focuses more on quick photo capturing, optical zoom, and pro video recording—representing the other big features in the device. All of these promise to deliver a top-end experience but at a less expensive rate, which is typical Samsung. The Galaxy S23 FE will be supported for an extended period with four years of software updates and five years of security patches. And, just because it is from Samsung, one might expect to get something of value, like Edge panels, Samsung DeX, and finally, the chance to open applications in a floating window mode.

On the downside, big bezels, the inability of one to use the zoom lens as often as they may want at night, and a virtual proximity sensor with possibilities of discrepancies are a few to mention. All things considered, the Galaxy S23 FE will be a pretty alluring offer to anyone looking for a feature-rich smartphone, underpinned by an already well-established ecosystem of accessories.

Features Liked

The outstanding features of the Galaxy S23 FE include IP68 certification for water and dust resistance, a 9-band equalizer on the device that will make your audio experience rich, and an immersive dynamic AMOLED 2X screen. It also bears a very inspiring camera capability: from fast photo capture and optical zoom to the capability of capturing pro-level video and the possibility of taking RAW pictures.

It's Samsung's logic of flagship values for less money: hence, the program of the extended support period of software updates for the device, which is designed and programmed in the way of security patches for 5 years. Moreover, it is very likely that the Galaxy S23 FE will feature some core Samsung features, among them Edge panels, Samsung DeX, and an option to open apps in a floating window mode. And now, with the support of eSIM, an already complete ecosystem that it comes with in full, plus the promise of a Galaxy AI update around the corner.

Dynamic AMOLED 2x Screen

It's also worth noting that the Galaxy S23 FE will feature a good-looking Dynamic AMOLED 2x display—something Samsung usually equips on their flagship line. It is definitely an amazing watching experience, where the screen is clear to great details, perfect for watching video clips, playing games, and even browsing content. This next-generation display technology will ensure that users get high-quality visual experiences in whatever activity that they engage with the device.

The best in the range is the Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen, exclusively available on the Galaxy S23 FE, giving it unmet quality and thereby the best user experience.

Audio and Equalizer

The audio feature that has nine-band equalizer customization for personalized settings. What is impressive, the device will allow users to adjust the sound even without the use of their headphones at their pleasure for a better audio experience on the go. To add further, the Galaxy S23 FE brings stereo sound and standalone app sound, where it would help be diverse with the audio output for all applications.

All these audio features ensure that the quality for sound reproduction to the end-user is uninterrupted, yet he or she can play and tune sounds as they may want or desire, thus enhancing the total multimedia experience on the device.

Camera and Video Capabilities

The Galaxy S23 FE camera and video lineup is just as remarkable as it stands out from the rest at this price point. The device is fast in the capture of a photo, and a user will be able to capture optical zoom with a chance to shoot videos like a pro. This gave users an opportunity to capture clearer images and footages. This device also allowed raw photo capture, meaning it would allow the photographer more options in post-processing.

This further improves video capability, enabling recording in 4K 60 frames per second, able to rotate to the front camera and back in the same clip, so the Galaxy S23 FE is fit for casual users and the content creator.
Further, the long-time device will, in turn, support four years of software updates, while five years of security patches will ensure the realization of the latest features and improvements over time.

Software Support and Updates

Besides the flagship camera and video features, the Galaxy S23 FE also contains software support, which ranges up to four years of software updates and five years of security patches.
This ongoing support commitment ensures users always enjoy up-to-date features and enhancements, which will hence enable the device to stay current and serving them for more time.

Promise of an upcoming Galaxy AI update promises to make the device much more compelling and up its abilities and user experience. The Samsung-exclusive additions on it are Edge panels, Samsung DeX, and Samsung Pass, while getting an eSIM finally. All these add value to an already exciting software ecosystem of Galaxy S23 FE, allowing users to have a myriad of features and functionalities to explore and exploit.

Unique Samsung Features

A few unique Samsung features that place the Galaxy S23 FE a notch above its counterparts in the category are:

• Edge panels with different shortcuts and widgets.

• Ability to open any app in a floating window mode.

• Samsung DeX to connect to an external monitor and work in a windowed format.

• Integration of the Magic Object Eraser in the gallery.

• The Samsung Pass for automatic filling of passwords with fingerprint authentication and secure storage of private notes and card numbers.

All of these software adjustments, when added together, really do go towards creating an incredibly powerful user experience overall, and some of them simply cannot be found on any other type of device.

EIM Support and Ecosystem

Just like the Galaxy S23 FE, this phone also features an eSIM, which is normally an ingredient not common to find in other ordinary smartphones because it's usually found in high-end devices.

This is, in a great way, ideal for customers who are constant travelers, as they have all the flexibility at their convenience when it comes to the access of their mobile data across various countries. This is added to the fact that Samsung gives one of the most comprehensive ecosystems with a whole lot of accessories, such as the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Tabs, just to mention a few. The ecosystem is tailor-made to fit in with the Galaxy S23 FE, giving the device users a way of having control over most functions, thus enhancing their cross-device experience.

Features Disliked

However, the Galaxy S23 FE does come with a few cons amidst so many great features. The big bezels are definitely adding to the dated look of the phone, with companies trying to make them as small as possible.

Besides, the usefulness of a zoom lens is just about senseless at night, in any case, bringing the use under low-light circumstances. The fingerprint reader under the display only makes three registrations at most, a thing that most other manufacturers do not. You will also get an extra charger, and the device has a "virtual" proximity sensor, which could mean irregularities. Apps don't open quite as fast, and the processor really isn't for anyone who wants "all the power they can get" or "a super buttery gaming experience. However, with such setbacks, it is quite promising that the next Galaxy AI update will definitely take the new AI features to the next level for better functionality.

Large Bezels and Outdated Look

Though 23 FE does come with a disadvantage, that its front has huge bezels, making it look outdated. In today's era, smartphones, with the bezel-less trend, take most of the market share due to the increase in screen-to-body ratio.

Probably, the only what may play against the Galaxy S23 FE, even in comparison to other models of similar price and lower, are perhaps these very massive bezels from the front of the gadget, which are filled with space almost entirely.

This design choice could have some impact on the perceived modernity of the device and may matter most for those users that show a high concern regarding the sleek and contemporary appearance of their smartphones.

Zoom Lens Performance at Night

S23 FE comes with a zoom lens that is hardly useful at night; hence, in low light areas, it adds little value. The device is an intelligent and an automatic adjuster of the zoom lens used for not providing quality enough to capture clear images in settings of low light. So, in case you think of carrying out low-light shots using the zoom lens, then digital zoom will have to play the main role through the main camera. This, in general terms of nighttime photography, may affect the performance of the device; again, this should be a factor to consider in looking at the capability of the camera.

Fingerprint Reader and Charger

The only limitation of the in-display reader of the Galaxy S23 FE fingerprint is that it only allows three registrations, while most people could judge that as a downside compared to other devices in which one can register a higher number of fingerprints. In addition, the device has also received flak for separating the purchase of a charger, which increases the overall cost of having it. The phone supports fast charging, but it is recommended to buy a 25W charger separately for the best charging outputs. This may also be contributed to by the inconsistency in some actions, such as switching off the screen during a call because of the virtual proximity sensor on the device. It is one of the points that prospective customers will use in the discussion of device inconvenience and user-unfriendliness together with potential delays in opening apps and performance limitations during demanding tasks.

Virtual Proximity Sensor and Processor

In virtual sensors, the Galaxy S23 FE includes a proximity sensor that helps in actions like turning off the screen while in calls. However, some users claim that the sensor is not consistent and, therefore, it can result in problems during audio calls. In general, the Exynos 2200 processor should be all right for the most part, insofar as most users aren't insatiable for the utmost performance and super-liquid gaming characteristics.

Users who need the maximum speed from the system may find shortfalls or delays in processing or multitasking/gaming functions. These are some of the aspects that will affect its convenience and user experience and are worth factoring in by any prospective buyer.

Upcoming Galaxy AI Update

The Galaxy S23 FE will also become eligible to get the Galaxy AI update that brings within all the artificial intelligence features that made a debut with the Galaxy S24. This can, in itself, be one of the big leaps for the device users, mostly looking at the budget nature of the device. The next update of the Galaxy AI is also claimed to hold more features, which will expand the capabilities of the device. So, after the update, the device can be more tempted. This update will include improved features of AI that will significantly enhance the device's performance and functionality to give customers a better experience.


The S23 FE, indeed, will be perfect for those who love a multitude of features in their phones and have a strong ecosystem of phone accessories. It presents outstanding features, which include IP68 certification, Dynamic AM json OLED 2X display, 9-band equalizer, and an amazing camera with video features json, among others, hence providing services to users of high quality.

On top of that, an extended period of support with 4 years of software updates and 5 years of security patches will ensure your device is modern and functional for as long as possible.

Samsung's unique software features, eSIM support, and a super complete ecosystem further enhance the device's appeal.

Sure, it has its downsides, like huge bezels and the restriction of use of the zoom lens in low light. The coming Galaxy AI update is going to change all that for the better.


Q1: What are the standout features of the Galaxy S23 FE?

A: This will, of course, be after the Galaxy S23 FE, which likely brings IP68 certification, a nine-band equalizer, Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, and good advancements in camera and video prowess, along with extended software support—four years of software updates and five years of security patches.

Q2: Does the Galaxy S23 FE support eSIM?

A: The Galaxy S23 FE also does eSIM, which will definitely come in handy for busy travelers eyeing the prospect of loading up with a mobile data plan via a QR scan.

Q3: What are the drawbacks of the Galaxy S23 FE?

A: Downsides: huge bezels, quite limited use of the zoom lens in low light, the in-display fingerprint reader only allows registration thrice, and the charger has to be bought separately. Other issues include the virtual proximity sensor, potential delays in opening apps, and limitations of performance of very demanding tasks.

Q4: Will the Galaxy S23 FE receive the Galaxy AI update?

A: It should get the same Galaxy AI update that was released for the Galaxy S24, adding the device's capabilities and functionality with features that involve artificial intelligence.