Can Gaming Phones Go Mainstream?

Can a Gaming Phone Go Mainstream?


Asus has unveiled the Rog Phone 8 Pro, the newest member of its gaming phone family, with a mission to elevate gaming phones from their niche status to mainstream prominence. With the growing appeal of gaming phones among a broader audience, Asus is strategically positioning itself to cater to this expanding market.

A key highlight of the Rog Phone 8 Pro is its remarkable technical prowess. It features a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with a 165Hz refresh rate and a brightness peak of 2500 nits, ensuring an immersive visual experience. At its core is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, clocking in at 3.3GHz, combined with up to 24GB RAM. This powerhouse setup promises unrivaled performance, smoothly running even the most intensive games. Additionally, it offers a whopping one terabyte of storage, catering to the substantial storage needs of gamers and media enthusiasts alike.

Asus has also revamped the design of the Rog Phone 8 Pro to appeal to everyday users. It features slimmer bezels for better one-handed use, a more streamlined and balanced build, and introduces a hole-punch camera - a first in Asus gaming phones - lending it a contemporary, mainstream aesthetic.

Not overlooking the practical aspects, Asus has incorporated features like IP68 water and dust resistance, ensuring durability in everyday scenarios. Uncommon in gaming phones, the Rog Phone 8 Pro also supports wireless charging and retains the beloved headphone jack, catering to diverse audio preferences.

The phone's camera system, however, doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle achieved by other flagship smartphones, despite improvements over its predecessors. This might be a minor issue for gamers who are more focused on performance and gaming-centric features.

In summary, the Rog Phone 8 Pro by Asus is a robust and swift gaming device designed to resonate with a broader audience. Asus has skillfully balanced mainstream appeal with the essentials of gaming functionality. Boasting top-notch specs and considerate design elements, the Rog Phone 8 Pro stands as a strong contender for those seeking a versatile gaming phone that doubles as an efficient everyday device.

Design and Features

The Rog Phone 8 Pro has undergone several design changes and upgrades, enhancing its appeal to a broader range of users while still focusing on gamers' needs.

• Enhanced One-Handed Use and Slimmer Bezels

Asus has improved the one-handed usability of the Rog Phone 8 Pro by reducing the bezels. This change leads to a more balanced and sleeker appearance, making the phone more comfortable to hold.

• Hole Punch Camera Integration

For the first time in an Asus gaming phone, the Rog Phone 8 Pro incorporates a hole-punch camera. This design brings the phone up to speed with other contemporary flagship smartphones, offering a modern and mainstream aesthetic.

• Thinner, More Refined Build

The Rog Phone 8 Pro is now under 9mm thick, a significant slimming down from previous models. This slimmer profile makes it more akin to standard smartphones, appealing to users who prefer less bulky devices.

• Compact Battery for Slimmer Profile

To facilitate a thinner build, the battery size in the Rog Phone 8 Pro has been reduced to 5,500mAh from 6,000mAh. Despite the smaller battery, the phone maintains robust battery life, thanks to software and display optimizations.

• Enhanced Connectivity and Customization Options

This model includes a second USB-C port, enabling convenient charging during landscape mode gaming. It also features customizable shoulder triggers, offering tailored control options for gamers. Plus, the preservation of the headphone jack meets various audio preferences.

• Improved Durability with Water and Dust Resistance

Addressing the preferences of general users, the Rog Phone 8 Pro is equipped with water and dust resistance. Its IP68 rating ensures that the phone can handle accidental water spills and exposure without damage.

Unique Features

The Rog Phone 8 Pro distinguishes itself in the gaming phone market with several distinctive features.

One notable aspect is its customizable display on the back. This LED dot matrix display can exhibit various logos, show charging status, alert for incoming calls, and more. It even allows users to create their own designs, adding a personal flair.

This back display is more than a novelty; it offers practical benefits. It provides instant information without needing to activate the main screen, making it easy to check notifications, battery life, or game-related data during gaming sessions or regular use.

A first for RG phones, the Rog Phone 8 Pro includes wireless charging, a much-anticipated feature in flagship models. This allows for cable-free charging, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

An interesting design choice is the placement of the wireless charging coil, positioned higher than usual. This requires users to place the phone sideways on vertical chargers for best alignment, but this is a minor issue compared to the overall benefit of wireless charging.

Incorporating wireless charging in a flagship device like the Rog Phone 8 Pro is essential for market competitiveness. With many users now depending on this feature for a convenient charging experience, its inclusion ensures the Rog Phone 8 Pro aligns with the current expectations of smartphone users.

Camera Performance Review: Rog Phone 8 Pro vs. Other Flagships

The Rog Phone 8 Pro introduces a new camera system, which, while improved over its predecessors, doesn't quite match the image quality and performance of other leading smartphones. This aspect might not be the primary draw of the phone, but it remains a critical factor for a broad user base.

At the heart of the Rog Phone 8 Pro's camera setup is a 50-megapixel sensor that delivers satisfactory images under favorable lighting conditions. However, its processing tends to be overly aggressive, leading to issues like overexposed faces and unwanted motion blur. This suggests that the sensor's processing algorithms might not be fully optimized, giving an impression of being slightly behind the curve technologically.

Despite these shortcomings, the camera has its merits. The addition of a 3X telephoto lens is noteworthy, offering zoom capabilities without a significant drop in image quality. This lens also boasts excellent stabilization, ensuring smooth video capture, even with digital zoom.

When compared to the Zen Phone 10, another Asus product, the differences become more pronounced. The Zen Phone 10's camera system is more advanced, offering superior image quality and color accuracy. This comparison hints at a potential lack of synergy in camera development within the different divisions of the company.

It's essential to remember that the Rog Phone 8 Pro is not primarily a camera-focused device. It's a gaming phone, with specifications and features tailored to that experience. Nevertheless, for users who place a high priority on camera performance, other flagship smartphones might be more appealing.

In summary, the Rog Phone 8 Pro's camera system is an upgrade from previous models but still doesn't quite compete with the best in the flagship smartphone category. While its primary camera suffers from overzealous processing and HDR effects, the telephoto lens offers solid zoom and stabilization. For gamers, the phone's gaming-centric features might overshadow its camera limitations. However, users who value camera performance above all else might find better options elsewhere.

Price and Conclusion

The Rog Phone 8 Pro, showcasing flagship specifications and a high-end design, is available at a starting price of AED 4,035. This might appear expensive, but the phone's superior performance and gaming capabilities justify the cost.

Asus has strategically positioned the Rog Phone 8 Pro to appeal not only to gaming enthusiasts but also to the general consumer market. The phone's artificial intelligence features, driven by the Snapdragon AG gen3 chip, significantly enhance user experience. These AI functionalities include advanced game pattern recognition and efficient settings navigation.

In terms of design, significant modifications have been made to the Rog Phone 8 Pro to increase its day-to-day usability. Reduced bezels and a slimmer profile make it more manageable with one hand. Additionally, the incorporation of a hole-punch camera and a contemporary design lend it a modern and more mainstream appeal.

Although the camera system is not the primary highlight of the Rog Phone 8 Pro, it delivers respectable performance in well-lit conditions. The inclusion of a 3X telephoto lens offers commendable zoom capabilities and image stabilization. However, for users who prioritize camera quality, other flagship smartphones might be more suitable.

In summary, the Rog Phone 8 Pro stands out for its exceptional gaming performance, backed by state-of-the-art specifications. Asus has made conscious efforts to tailor the phone for a broader audience without compromising on its gaming-oriented features. With advanced AI technology, a stylish design, and overall impressive performance, the Rog Phone 8 Pro is a compelling choice for both gamers and general users.


1. Can the Rog Phone 8 Pro be used as a daily driver?

Absolutely! The Rog Phone 8 Pro is not just a gaming powerhouse; it's also equipped for everyday use. Asus has fine-tuned this model to blend gaming excellence with everyday functionality. It keeps the features gamers adore while enhancing general appeal.

2. What are some standout features of the Rog Phone 8 Pro?

The Rog Phone 8 Pro is a tech marvel. It boasts a 6.78-inch 165Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, up to 24GB RAM, and a whopping terabyte of speedy storage. Other highlights include a sleek hole-punch camera, slimmer bezels for better handling, and extra perks like customizable shoulder triggers and resistance to water and dust.

3. How does the camera performance compare to other flagship phones?

While the Rog Phone 8 Pro's camera has seen improvements, it doesn't quite match up to other flagships. The over-enthusiastic HDR and processing can lead to overblown highlights and blurs in motion. So, if top-tier photography is your priority, you might want to explore other options.

4. Is the price of the Rog Phone 8 Pro justified?

Definitely! The Rog Phone 8 Pro is priced at AED 4,040. Given its elite features, premium design, and specialized gaming enhancements, the price is reasonable for those seeking a top-tier gaming smartphone.

5. What are the AI capabilities of phones with Snapdragon AG gen3?

Smartphones with Snapdragon AG gen3, like the Rog Phone 8 Pro, are at the forefront of AI technology. They offer advanced AI features such as in-game pattern recognition, intelligent setting suggestions, and screen content recognition to provide relevant information. These AI functionalities are increasingly becoming standard in the smartphone realm.