ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) - Dual-Screen Laptop

ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) - A Revolutionary Dual Screen Laptop


The ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) is a double-screen, innovative laptop aimed to offer a completely new computing experience. It has two displays of very good quality, a strong processor, and an outstanding design. Doubtlessly, it is intended for all users who want to be at a level of productivity and multitasking. This blog takes a further look at what is in the box of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), investigating in detail all the accessories included and that the user ought to be expected to have upon making a purchase of this innovative device.

Unboxing and Accessories

In the product box of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), there is a rather good set of accessories that comes with it, which cannot give an additional impetus to the overall impression from using this laptop. Besides the laptop itself, there is also a satchel.

A soft-touch interior on the case also sees to it that the laptop is protected even while on the move. Additionally, an Asus pen allows an increase in the usability of the device such that one can make use of it while it is in modes other than just having the keyboard and touchpad in place. Notable among the box accessories is a compact 65W charger that fills the power pool of the laptop at a quick pace. 65W: with a super-small size to be a perfect companion for traveling. Meanwhile, the USB-C to USB-C cable provides more options when charging other devices.

In addition, with a added magnetic absorption design, users can conveniently switch from the one using mode to another, say from laptop mode to dual monitor mode. The unboxing experience is set to reveal the innovative capabilities of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), with thought and attention to what accessories are going to round off the duo-screen design and high-performance specifications of the laptop. Users will be able to describe a comprehensive package that is fit for a range of different use cases and will be improved in the general functionality of the device.

Design and Display

The all-new dual-screen design of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) is patented and epitomizes newfangled, second-to-none singularity and versatility in computers.

First in line is ASUS's 14-inch main screen, the Lumin OLED, that boasts incredibly vibrant colors and brings the user an immersive visual experience like none other, with picture-perfect clarity of 3K resolution.

The second display, just above the keyboard, will flex the level of functionality of the laptop in a way that will enable users to multi-task and be more productive in their workflows. The new ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) comes to ingeniously designed and provides three modes to use: laptop, extended, and screen pad, which means a normal laptop configuration, a dual-screen setting, or a shared format—laid flat on a surface.

Besides, it is fitted with a detachable keyboard that magnetically absorbs, hence enabling the change of different usage modes flexibly, which would be convenient to users.

In terms of the display, both screens boast 3K resolution and utilize OLED panels with a high 120Hz refresh rate. Apart from the high-end display technology, the capability of touchscreen, able to work with the ASUS pen, brings in more doors open for digital artists, designers, or just notetakers to be able to exploit the tools creatively.

Versatility and Functionality

The ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) features improved versatility and functionality, hence is an ideal one for those whose needs stand in perfect multitasking and productivity. A laptop with a double-screen setup, detachable keyboard, and an ASUS pen, the laptop offers a myriad of use cases for it to be preferably chosen by professionals, creatives, or multitasking users.

Multi-Screen Configuration:

This, alongside the PC in a dual-screen setup, gives more flexibility to the users in the expansion of the workspace. He can be able to shuffle between a number of applications running concurrently at the same time.

This makes the model ideal for people who need a larger canvas to do something like edit video, do design work, or code, yet still be able to multitask without losing efficiency and wasting the valuable real estate of the screen.

ASUS Pen Compatibility:

On the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), the ASUS pen is added, bringing interactivity and precision to the user.

With the ability to jot notes and bring out creativity, ASUS Pen improves laptop productivity, mostly meant for content developers, college students, and professionals required to take their digital input.

Powerful Specifications:

At the heart of this machine, the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) features an Intel Core Ultra 9 series processor, up to 32GB LPDDR5X memory, and the Intel Arc GPU with an integrated NPU for AI processing. High-performance specifications that provide fluent operations and responsiveness; users can take multi-demanding tasks with ease, be it video editing, 3D rendering, or data analysis.

Portable and Durable:

With such features, it can be said the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) has no equal in its capabilities that it offers, remaining relatively easy for 1.65kg to be carried around with a compact, smaller body. The computer also features a USB-A connector, and its military-grade certification for durability makes it more versatile for the laptop's intended audience of busy professionals and creators.

Keyboard and Stylus Features

On the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), a 27-inch 4K secondary touchscreen display can be ordered; it comes with a magnetic absorption detachable keyboard and provides the user with all modes of use.

The keyboard, apart from being an old-style input device, could be used as a cover when attached to the laptop. The ASUS pen is also included, meaning that with the digitized stylus, they get their most accurate input, notetaking, or annotations that give them the ability to unleash your creative potential.

ASUS Pen Integration:

ASUS Pen, designed for ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), will enable convenient interaction and hassle-free completion of work tasks that require accuracy. Further, the pen is two-buttoned, and the user can benefit from it in making notes and annotations, and for quick access to shortcuts, altogether making the experience of this product more productive and creative.

Dual-Screen Setup:

A good example of the functionality of these is the fact that the keyboard will be detachable, and both of the screens for the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) will be touch-enabled, giving users a multi-touch setup that will increase their area of work by a large margin, where they can multitask and run several applications at a go.

This comes in handy, especially for professionals who need better multi-tasking capability without losing screen estate.

Performance and Specifications

Under the hood is an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, which will be paired with 32GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and a built-in Intel Arc graphics card with an NPU for AI processing. Thanks to the potent onboard hardware, the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) provides a user-friendly and hassle-free experience for managing your video editing works, 3D rendering projects, and even the most sophisticated data analysis.

A couple of 14-inch 3K OLED 120Hz touchscreen displays, pen-enabled by ASUS, will surely befit even the pickiest users, including digital artists, designers, and note-takers.

Storage and Connectivity:

The ZenBook Duo (2024) tucks in two terabytes of space on one partition, which accommodates even the largest application and file sizes. Simultaneously, it allows the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) to stay quite portable due to its 1.65kg weight and sleek form factor.

It also supports the use of USB-A connectors and Thunderbolt ports, including support for military certification for durability, ensuring professionals and creators can find the laptop flexible in any situation.

Connectivity and Portability

The ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) is packed with every kind of connection and sense of mobility to serve modern users. Along with USB-A ports, you do have connectivity options of a much-needed variety of devices and peripherals, coupled with provisions for use in integrating external displays, storage devices, and other accessories over the Thunderbolt interface.

Moreover, the form factor of the compact laptop, with a weight of 1.65kg, is very portable, allowing the users of this laptop to make sure that productivity and performance are carried over without compromise.

Charging and Battery Life:

To sum it up, inside the box, there is an ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) with a 65W compact charger to efficiently fast charge in its ultra-compact size, making it travel-friendly. Also, the additional laptop accessories include a USB-C to USB-C cable and an adapter to facilitate charging convenience for other gadgets while on the go.

Besides, the laptop has long battery life, the best companion one can work with for a long time without recharging from time to time, hence ideal for any professional or creator on the move.

Durability and Versatility:

The ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) is even military-certified for great durability against tough environmental conditions and usage conditions. It has even included a detachable keyboard with magnetic absorption, so switching over between the different usage modes from conventional laptop setup to dual-monitor setup is easy, hence adding another layer of versatility.

What made the laptop an infallible and very flexible tool for the users was the possibility to work on it in offices, work from different places on journeys, or create around the laptop wherever inspiration was found.

Benchmark Results

The benchmark tests yield much insight into the performance capabilities of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), thereby aiding in solidifying its prowess in being able to handle tasks and applications that are demanding. In Balanced mode, running unplugged from power, the laptop scored a sum of 2,371 points, with the CPU at 1,796 and the GPU at 190. That proved the laptop to be powerful enough to deliver good performance, even while working under battery power. Hence, that proved it to be a reliable device to complete the productivity and multitasking on the go.

Performance Optimization:

The ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) naturally picked up in our performance test when plugged in at the highest performance mode, scoring 1796 points with the CPU and 190 points with the GPU. This optimization presented an extremely strong potential to make a laptop capable of a number of resource-extensive tasks, say, like editing videos, content creation, or processing huge data files ultimately with a breeze. All such powerful specifications and smart performance tuning ensure that the laptop is always ready for end-users' productivity and full-fledged functionality.

Comparison to Competing Devices:

In comparison to most other top-of-the-line laptops in the market, the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) has top performance that will appeal to even power users looking for the best in power and versatility. Benchmark results go even further to put an exclamation mark over this laptop's potential to serve professionals, creatives, and multitaskers in a slew of industries, showing performance that has the potential to shine even within rigorous workloads.

Additional Features and Functionality

Besides, ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) features an up-to-date dual-screen configuration with quality displays, multiple other features, and a multipurpose tool for many usages. These are:

ASUS Pen Integration:

It supports the ASUS Pen on the Duo Display (2024) to give users the most interactive and accurate mode of input ever.

ASUS Pen makes the product extra useful, not just for creative people but for content creators requiring tools that offer ultimate performance, suchjson students and professionals within the various domains of digital input.

Powerful Specifications:

All that good hardware is crammed inside it, powered by an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, 32GB of LPDDR5X memory, and Intel Arc graphics with an NPU to process all your AI.

This will highly perform with specs ensuring smooth running and responsiveness. Whether for video editing, 3D rendering, and data analysis, it performs demanding works easily.

Portability and Connectivity:

But even at that, the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) would be still relatively portable, coming in at a weight of just 1.65kg and in terms of form factor. Therefore, the USB-A connectors, together with the Thunderbolt ports and military-grade certification for durability, offer added functionalities and improvements on how it can be suited for a busy professional and creator on the go.


The ASUS ZenBook Duo becomes another name in a new era of laptop design, featuring an innovative dual-screen design for users who demand more productivity and multitasking capabilities. The laptop, in fact, is an all-rounder: it carries great design, super displays, powerful specs, and, quite literally, every accessory that one may require in a lifetime—making it a wholesome and versatile solution for the professionals, creatives, and multitaskers.

The very powerful set of specifications, combined with portability and connectivity options, makes ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) a very attractive solution for users who need great power and consequently are provided with many different kinds of options available via one single portable device.

The new ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) has set a completely new standard for dual-screen laptops. It is designed to give the user a host of features and functionality that will take the whole user experience to the next level in both professional and creative pursuits.


1. What are the main features of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024)?

The 2024 ASUS ZenBook Duo will have a dual-screen design of two 3K OLED screens. Inside will be an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, 32GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and integrated Intel Arc graphics with an NPU for handling AI processing.

The package also has an ASUS Pen that, while used with the screen, will let you be creative and enjoy making interactive presentations. It also has a detachable magnetic absorption keyboard and military standard certification.

2. What comes in the box when purchasing the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024)?

Inside the box of ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024), on the opening of the lid, the laptop itself is on top, encased in a foamy case to protect the screen. Inside is the foam-protected Asus ZenBook Duo Flap with an ASUS Pen, under which are the warranty card and user manual, then a compact 65-watt charger.

3. How does the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) perform in benchmark tests?

In benchmark tests, the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) scored 2,371 points in a balanced mode unplugged from the power with the CPU managing 1,796 and GPU 190. In comparison, at their maximum performance mode and plugged in, they can produce CPU scores of up to 1,796 and GPU scores of 190. Ensuring it can comfortably handle tasks that require many resources.

4. What are the connectivity and portability features of the ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024)?

The ASUS ZenBook Duo (2024) includes a 65W charger and has USB-A connectors, as well as Thunderbolt ports, all inside a box bearing solid military-grade certification for ruggedness. It comes at a fairly compact form factor, 1.65kg in weight, effectively convenient for mobile professionals on the go and creators.