Experience the Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB 2017

Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017: A Powerful Tablet for Your Everyday Needs


Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB 2017 WiFi: now exclusively for Dhs. 620.00
at Fonezone.ae. With its good performance, superb display, and large storage capacity, this very powerful tablet is the best device to use both professionally and in your personal time.

The 2017 iPad Pro 10.5" is designed very thin and light, hence very portable and easy to carry it around wherever you want to go. The 10.5-inch size Retina display under ProMotion technology gives extremely fluid images for everything from movies to drawing in your digital art studio. Shown on wide color gamuts with high brightness, pictures and videos look very lifelike.

The iPad Pro has an A10X Fusion chip under the hood, promising strong performance to handle even the most demanding of applications. Be it editing photos, complex documents, or playing the latest and greatest games, the tablet never fails. It comes with 256 gigabytes of storage, giving you all the space in the world for your apps, photos, videos, and other files.

The iPad Pro 10.5" is a model of excellence in connectivity and ease of use. Wi-Fi keeps you browsing the internet swiftly and seamlessly from basically anywhere, while it's said to possess battery life long enough to keep you active throughout the day. Easily powered with support from Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, it will turn the tablet into a versatile workstation or creative studio.

At Fonezone.ae, we are proud to have the best prices and exclusive deals with top gadgets in the industry. Of course, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB WiFi 2017 model can be had for you at the unbeatable price of Dhs. 620.00 from our shop. Visit our website today to get this deal great and step up your digital experience using the power and elegance of the iPad Pro.

The Stunning Display

The Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017 screen really is beautiful, setting a new gold standard for how every other tablet should display its content. With a resolution of 2224 x 1668 and frustrated pixel density, like every other high-end iPad in the lineup, this display looks amazing—everything is just so sharp and vivid.

This display is decked with advanced features, thus making your watching second to none. The True Tone Display can actually adopt the color temperature of your surroundings so it looks more natural and easier for viewing. On top of that, the screen goes up really bright, hitting a level of 600 nits, so you can use it in virtually any lighting condition.

One of the most incredible features of this display is the increased refresh rate, or promotion, that can lift the refresh rate on the screen right up to 120 Hz. For maximal results, this is experienced most when performing tasks such as scrolling and drawing with the Apple Pencil.

Performance and Battery Life

It has been chipped with a powerful A10X Fusion chip, delivering great performance and excellent responsiveness for a wide range of tasks. No matter if you're multitasking, doing some video editing, or running some really powerful apps, this device ensures that the user has seamless and productive use.

The camera on the back is 12 megapixels and has Optical Image Stabilization. The imaging capacity pushes further—even when one expects not to find such in a tablet. Uses attached to it are such as document scanning with the 7-megapixel front-facing camera, excellent for selfies and video calling.

With up to 10 hours of battery life, iPad Pro offers the sort of staying power that makes it possible for users to be productive all day long without having to keep reaching out for a charger. Consistently, it attains close to the advertised battery life with real-world usage, so this makes it quite a reliable companion during on-the-go usage.

Features of the Software and Productivity

This 2017 Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ 256GB WiFi model is running on iOS 10, so in that way, there is nothing new about the overall user experience; the interface is still smoothly navigable, and the app is much easier to manage.

Fact one: this is going to change with the upcoming release of iOS 11, which is going to re-shape the power of the iPad as our primary computing device. iOS 11 will bring about large-scale improvements to major productivity features that will help the iPad become an even more powerful productivity device.

These include a dock, multi-touch drag and drop functionalities, and even a real file system for managing files with fluidity across a number of cloud services. Releasing when iOS 11 is available, the iPad Pro could even be a primary computing device for users very well set in their ways with iOS and having special uses that require computing. The upcoming software update should bring traditional computing functionalities closer to, and include, what the iPad can do—a more efficient and seamless user experience.

Pricing and Considerations

Available in Fonezone.ae exclusively, the Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB WiFi 2017 only costs Dhs. 620.00 and is a tremendous combination of power, portability, and versatility. This tab will impress you with its thickness—thick yet firm enough for your use without harming business or personal work.

Its 10.5-inch Retina display is brilliant in color detailing and sharpness, a perfect fit for a creative specialist who very urgently needs the reliability of the device specifically in the fields of graphic designing, video editing, or digital art.

Beneath the hood, the iPad Pro is powered by an A10X Fusion chip that smoothes everything to work with other robust applications.

The powerful processing unit and aboard 256GB of space for all the files, apps, and media you want to carry ensure that can be in your pocket through digital life. All this is further geared up for multitasking with iOS, ensuring smooth usability across a huge ecosystem of apps.

The biggest addition to the feature list of iPad Pro (10.5-inch) is its compatibility with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. These accessories make an iPad an all-in-one great workstation for taking notes, sketching, or ease of typing. This makes it the choice device for students, professionals, and creatives who want a portable device able to morph into different uses.

Add to this the fact that the iPad Pro will get you through up to 10 hours of use on a single battery charge. That way, you can work or play and stay connected for most of your day without worry about power needs. It is also light in weight with a slim profile, making portability further easy, summing up its advantages of being an everyday device.

This listed product that Fonezone.ae has for you, the Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB WiFi 2017, will surely be justifiable with its price of Dhs. 620.00. It is basically created for people who look up to great computing processors, huge storage, dynamics of display, and versatile accessories. It does not really matter why you need a tablet—for work, study, or entertainment—it is capable of offering you everything and making it a worthwhile investment, given that quality and reliability are attributed this time around for a tablet.

Would the iPad Pro Be Your Next Laptop?

The apple of the eye for many of our readers right now will be how far in, or how close to it goes: can the new Apple iPad Pro 2017 10.5 replace the laptop as the main big guy? Well, perhaps someone versed enough in iOS features and having particular computing needs might find it so, but for most users, there are still limitations in how capable these devices can actually be as a main computer.

iOS 11 will launch the iPad Pro into a far more potent productivity machine with features like the dock for fast launching of apps, multi-touch dragging and dropping, a real file system, and a lot more. It's this software update that can do much to unlock a whole lot of this potential.

As much as several existing technical constraints encourage using a fully-fledged iPad Pro as one's main computer, all the new enhancements in iOS 11 offer even more reasons to wait and reconsider. The new set of software could potentially bring an end to the gap between a regular set of features provided by a computer and an iPad's abilities and uses, therefore making it a lot more handy and potent in application.


Bought in 2017 from Fonezone.ae at a price of Dhs. 620.00, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB WiFi model is the epitome of the trifecta that combines energy, portability, and versatility into one casing. Nothing is there in the market that can claim to have the same sleek looks as well as powerful performance; it can assist you both at work and in play.

Its 10.5-inch Retina display would give an eye-catching view, lively colors, and high definition—ideal for creative professionals requiring a reliable gadget at work areas in graphic design, video editing, or digital art. At the heart of iPad Pro is the A10X Fusion chip, which ensures everything just runs without a hitch—whatever kind of application is running.

This powerhouse CPU, combined with 256GB of storage, ensures you have more than enough space for all your files, apps, and media so that you can carry your digital life with you while on the go. iOS facilitates multitasking the device with a seamless user experience from a vast app ecosystem.

Of course, it is one of the features of iPad Pro 10.5" to support an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. And this equipment can easily transform the device into a multifunctional workplace: drafting notes, drawing sketches, or writing texts becomes easy tasks, so it is very good for the use of students, professionals, and creative people who need such a portable tool.

But the battery life on the iPad Pro is no less impressive, running for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It always guarantees that you are busy working, playing, or staying connected throughout the day without ever having to worry about running out of juice. Plus, it's lightweight and slim, making it highly portable to become an overall all-day-on-the-run productivity gadget.

Buy the Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB WiFi 2017 from fonezone.ae at the value-for-money price of Dhs. 620.00. Capable processor power, more expensive storage, advanced display, and additional accessories make this slate one of the best offers available. In view of these powerful features, this tablet is a good pick for quality and dependable use in work, studies, or entertainment.


1. Introduce the Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017?

2017 Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi designed to feature the Retina display with a beautiful ProMotion technology. Suppose this would be too much to ask for, but it lets you enjoy refresh rates of up to 120Hz for a more responsive touch and pen experience. Also, it has the A10X Fusion chip, which creates the high levels of performance to do multitasking, gaming, and other demanding applications.

Support Apple Pencils and Smart Keyboards, making it a general-purpose tool for activities ranging from creativity to productivity. It comes with huge camera specs: a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera for photography and video calling.

2. What does the storage capacity of 256 GB for users advantage?

This gives the user a whopping 256 GB of storage to store a lot of content: staff, high-quality photos and videos, documents, and applications. It is really best for professionals and creative users who need to work with huge and multiple apps at the same time.

That also ensures that you can easily keep your media library together and have all the most important files on board without a worry about running out of space.

3. What is the battery life like on the iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017?

The 2017 iPad Pro 10.5-inch 256GB - WiFi has honestly cool battery life. The device has up to 10 hours of usage time doing usual activities with the tablet, such as surfing in the net, watching videos, or running applications. This guarantees you use the device throughout the day without necessarily recharging it time and again, which is totally befitting during on-the-go uses either in work, class, or taking part in recreational activities.

4. How does the iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017 support productivity?

This productivity model is major and takes with ease everything that can be thrown at it. The Apple Pencil allows for extremely detailed input: great for drawing or taking notes, among many other forms of detailed work. It makes working with the iPad a real pleasure since it essentially transforms the device into something like a smaller version of a laptop, intended for document writing, email, and other kinds of communication. Most of all, iOS provides the multitasking features of Split View and Slide Over to make sure people handle more than one app at the same time in the quest to be productive.

5. How much and where from can I get the iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017 at Fonezone.ae?

Apple iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 256GB - WiFi 2017 is thus available in Fonezone.ae for purchase at just Dhs. 620.00 which in other words means it is a price worth paying provided the item concerned is fairly high performing and packs a lot of store space at a very affordable rate. Visit our website to make purchases and grab this opportunity by owning one at your earliest convenience.