Samsung Galaxy S24+ Comprehensive Review and Analysis

A Comprehensive Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24+


The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is a loaded beast and filled with features that add up to the flagship smartphonery, giving an amazing user experience. Its polished looks, top-of-the-line hardware, and class-leading camera performance give some stiff competition to just about anything else one might be considering getting in the premium smartphone market.

This comprehensive review takes a closer look at everything the Galaxy S24+ brings to the table, right from design and build quality to performance and, of course, camera capabilities. Made with quality material and paying attention to every tiny detail, the Galaxy S24+ is made sophisticated and tough. It's pretty clear that Samsung gave this some serious thought in terms of the design of the device, ensuring it will not only look sleek but also feel great in the hand. With the metal frame and the Gorilla Glass 6 display on the front, these are combined together to give a solid premium build, and there is enough reason which is given to the user in using it confidently over long periods.

One of the standout features of the Galaxy S24+ is its expansive 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display.

This display features Quad HD+ resolution with an ultra-fast 120Hz refresh rate, allowing this viewing experience from movies to web browsing and gaming.

The display further performs with the adaptive color tone, ensuring comfortable viewing in different lighting. Inside the belly of the Galaxy S24+ rests the latest flagship-grade processor, which combines with a healthy amount of RAM and storage options. This hardwaraing combination provides for a smooth and responsive performance output, even if it comes to multi-tasking or running the most strenuous applications. The phone also acquires an excellent battery life rating because of the size of its capacity and a power-efficient management system.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ will appeal at first sight with its absolutely stunning and absolutely premium design. The body of the device is metallic, and the Gorilla Glass 6 display is maximally used for building strength.

7.7mm thickness and 196g in weight all come together to make the product quite comfortable in the hand for a user, hence easy to hold and maneuver. Of all the design features of the Galaxy S24+, the symmetrical display that takes up a huge section of the front panel is truly something to point out. The thin bezels of the display draw you into the modern and captivating visuals of the Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology.

The screen is without the anti-reflective enhancement that the Ultra has, but it does house another power guard: Gorilla Glass Victus 2. The power button and Bixby activation button lie on the right side, while the volume buttons are on top of the right side. The left is clean, without any ports or buttons. At the bottom, users will find the SIM card slot, which also accommodates a microSD card for expandable storage. Not only this, a few of the color options are the following: Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, and Orange. This diverse color palette allows users to choose a device that best suits their personal style and preferences.

Display Features and Technology

On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ features a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, offering extraordinary quality.

The Quad HD+ resolution on the screen carries 3120 by 1440 pixels, whereby there are 513 pixels for every inch. This makes it possible to expect sharp detail from such a resolution; the best type of the screen would be great for things like small text tasks, web browsing, and even multimedia consumption. It is designed with a 120Hz refresh rate, which provides smooth swiping and scrolling in applications coupled with the adaptive refresh rate, which basically changes the display refresh rate according to the content being shown on it.

All these serve to maximize the battery life, all while the user's experience continues to be smooth and responsive. The display is also HDR10+ compliant to bring out the right colors and the contrast ratio in the content being viewed, more so for content shot under HDR. One of the standout features of the Galaxy S24+ display is the Adaptive Color Tone technology. The feature automatically adjusts the white balance of the screen according to the light environment, thereby making it even more comfortable for all light environments and avoiding eye strain.

The display can also reach a peak brightness of 2,600 nits, making it highly visible even in direct sunlight. The display is made using Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which makes it perfect for rough daily use due to the perfect protection against scratches and impact.

The display also misses out on the anti-reflective treatment that comes with the Ultra variant, but the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 did a fine job at protection from glares and reflexes.

Audio Features and Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ features audio that promises a high-quality sound output, full of versatility, as well. It gets a bottom-firing speaker that pretty much aids in media playback, phone calls, or basically any other task linked to audio on the device. The speaker on the Galaxy S24+ delivers a clear and crisp sound, with a decent level of bass response.

Of course, the sound—rather, its volume and quality—is not so vigorous and dynamic, as in the case with an external speaker, but for simple listening to something, watching some video, and the like, built-in speakers are quite enough.

The speaker also gets quite loud, ensuring that you can easily hear your content in most environments.

Besides the bottom-firing speaker, the Galaxy S24+ leverages the earpiece to output sound and in turn places a stereo sound setup. Such a dual-speup further aids one to experience well-distributed and immersive audio, mainly in movies and gaming sessions. The Galaxy S24+ also supports Dolby Atmos to empower the performance of the audio. The output sound quality includes Dolby Atmos, which enhances the quality of music, movies, and even games by changing the produced sound to seem 3D and be coming from all around the listener.

The further device contains a 9-band equalizer, providing the user with settings that the audio output may desire. The feature is available across all sources of audio in the device, from playing music to video streaming and even phone call conversations. The Galaxy S24+ also comes with independent app sound, which allows routing the audio from some apps to the connected Bluetooth speaker, while the phone's speaker takes care of other types of audio output.

As for wired audio, there's no 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy S24+ at all. However, the USB-C port does host high-quality audio codecs such as LDAC, so with a pair of compatible headsets or earbuds close by, you should be able to listen to high-quality, almost lossless audio.

It is also capable of supporting Samsung's exclusive Scalable Bluetooth codec, which upscale wireless audio experience upon use with its Galaxy Bjsonds lineup.

Camera Capabilities

Big deal for the Samsung Galaxy S24+ comes in the camera set-up fitted on it; at the rear of the device, there lies a set of three cameras: a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 10MP telephoto sensor that will integrate 3x optical zoom.

The trio played its part in the picture-taking process, of course, but the main star of the show was the main camera taking the pictures, and as such, it captured excellent quality images, reproduced accurate colors, and did great in low light. With optical image stabilization and autofocus, its main camera guarantees clear, detailed photos in most lighting conditions. The ultra-wide camera provides a wider field of view and allows one to capture more of a scene in a single frame. The ultra-wide lens may not deliver the image quality that a user would expect from a primary camera, but it is a kind of an all-purpose tool for taking landscape, architectural, and group shots.

The 3x optical zoom telephoto camera, on the other hand, gets you closer to the subject without losing quality in the image, which really comes in handy when taking detailed shots of far away objects or subjects that you cannot get close to physically.

One of the outstanding camera system details will be the 8K video recording, bringing 30fps that will capture all these beautiful moments with so much detail to be gotten from its cinematic-quality footage.

The camera also supports 4K video recording at up to 60 fps, giving smooth and high quality for various uses. The software that runs the Galaxy S24+'s camera leaves nothing short of greatness, with new advanced features coming one after another. This includes pro mode for manual control of the camera settings, night mode for the better taking of shots in places with less light, and a host of AI-powered features like scene optimization and intelligent portrait mode.

Video Recording and Features

Speaking of video recording, it is an equally capable piece of hardware: the Samsung Galaxy S24+, loaded with strong hardware and plenty of features and functions likely to please casual and professional users alike. Some of the outstanding video features of this S24+, among others, include the 8K video recording capability at 30fps. On this mode, therefore, one can shoot at very high resolutions and, therefore, capture the recorded footage with a level of clarity and sharpness much better than normal 4K videos.

8K may not be something every user is going to need, but, at any rate, it is quite a thing to propose to those users who demand the highest possible quality of video.

Besides 8K, S24+ can record 4K up to 60fps to produce quality and smooth cinematic footage. It will ensure the videos are always stable, and between them, there is never any shake or jitter due to its video stabilization through optical and electronic image stabilization. Video recording has advanced features besides the resolution and frame rate in S24+. Other features that the device comes with include a pro video mode offering manual settings to parameters like the shutter speed, ISO, and even up to white balance.

This level of control allows experienced videographers to fine-tune their footage and achieve their desired aesthetic.

The S24+ will also be able to record video simultaneously with the front and back cameras, thanks to dual-video recording capabilities. Particularly, if you are a vlogger or tend to create content with picture-in-picture, this is useful, as you can record your reaction on a small screen within a frame of the main subject. The S24+ also covers you for audio. The gadget is going to be equipped with a pair of built-in microphones, which will provide excellent quality in recording, apart from allowing you to attach external microphones through the USB-C interface. The audio recording quality is further enhanced by Dolby Atmos audio processing on the S24+.

Software and User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ comes with the newest Android build, ensuring customers of a flawlessly smooth and instinctive operation. The Samsung software-treated device is also bestowed with One UI, providing a clean and highly customizable interface that can serve casual and power users.

And one of these highlights is the level of personalization the software you install on the Galaxy S24+ offers. From the way you choose to lay out your home screen to even designing individual app icons and different system-wide themes and styles, one will very easily be able to tweak their look exactly as they would want. Samsung piles atop a layer of its Good Lock suite, offering more customization to many more elements that can tweak everything from the lock screen to the navigation gestures.

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ also integrates seamlessly with the broader Samsung ecosystem. The latter will enable users with this gadget to connect easily to other products of the Galaxy series, starting from tablets, smartwatches, and, in fact, even smart home devices. That is to say, it will ensure the user gets a very connected experience. Features such as Samsung DeX, which turns your smartphone into a desktop-like computing platform, derive further flexibility and productivity from the device. On the performance front, the Galaxy S24+ will be based on an advanced flagship processor, bringing much more improved performance in multitasking or operating heavy loads of applications. The device will also feature abundant RAM and storage choices for those users who like to go for more powerful hardware configurations. The software loaded onto the Galaxy S24+ is loaded to the brim with features and tools that aim to help users with whatever may be necessary. The device also has an optimized battery life through an exclusive power management system from Samsung, which automatically controls the resource of consumption based on usage patterns. What is more, Samsung's Knox platform on the device ensures a high level of security from any cyber threats.

Artificial Intelligence Functionality

Samsung Galaxy S24+ will also harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to the maximum, allowing the optimization of a myriad of facets by the user. The device gets designed with AI-powered features, making sure it derives intelligence to assist in availing automation and optimization—all this being the gist of productivity for the user. The other major AI-based feature on the Galaxy S24+ comes in its camera system. The AI-based camera automatically sets exposure, white balance, and color tone in order not to miss the best possible picture based on the detected scene through AI scene optimization.

This is advantageous in helping to guarantee that the users are in a position of getting consistent clear images even when they are operating under poor lighting conditions.

The Galaxy S24+ also features language processing AI capable of real-time voice-to-text translations. This is a feature that will help one chat in different languages when doing things like holding business conferences or traveling effectively. For personal productivity, the Galaxy S24+ uses AI to offer bright ideas and prompts. Its smart assistant may surf through the user's calendar and make suggestions on setting reminders or informing about traffic in relation to a current appointment by just surfing through one's calendar. Its AI-powered smart search helps users easily search for and find relevant content, files, and applications across the device.

The Galaxy S24+'s AI capabilities also extend to the device's power management and performance optimization. The AI battery optimization learns the JSON usage pattern of the user, hence optimizing the device's resource consumption to be able to deliver the best battery life possible. The AI-Powered System for Performance Management maintains that the device will be always responsive and smooth, even though one is running at the same time many resource-demanding applications.

Customization and Special Features

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ combines a full load of customization options with all the special features for the best experience.

Customizable User Interface:

The device runs on the latest version of Android, enhanced by Samsung's One UI.

The UI offers a much cleaner, more intuitive experience with a high level of options to customize according to the preference one has, from changes in the home screen layout, app icons, and system-wide themes. The device appearance can be given pretty much any kind of customization. The very own Good Lock suite from Samsung leaves even more space for personalization, enabling the fine-tuning of many elements in the UI, from the lock screen to the navigation gestures.

This level of customization caters exactly to the needs of casual and power users, so that they can truly make a phone that has personalization nailed down to the last detail.

Samsung Ecosystem Integration:

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is well aligned with other Samsung Galaxy products, including larger tablets, smartwatches, and smart home devices.

This facilitates a unique and centralizing user experience, as it enables content share, data synchronization, and control over the devices available in the network from one platform.

Notable is the Samsung DeX, which makes the Galaxy S24+ usable as though it were some desktop computing platform. Once you hook your smartphone to a compatible display, keyboard, and mouse, voila, you feel like you are using a PC.

Advanced AI-Powered Features:

Such are the artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities of Samsung Galaxy S24+ that make it an improved device for usage, including smart camera enhancements, language processing from speech to real-time translations, transcriptions to text, and personalized suggestions on how to improve the usage of the devices, which helps them be more productive. AI-driven features of optimizing battery use learn the usage pattern of the user and tune the device resource consumption to allow maximum battery life. The AI-enabled performance management system ensures that the Galaxy S24+ is never devoid of responsiveness and smoothness, even when multitasking between several demanding applications at the same time.

Robust Security and Privacy:

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ has a security and privacy-focused piece of software from the device strengthened through the company's Knox. In this respect, the full-security solution ensures tight protection against any kind of cyber threat while at the same time keeps the sensitive data and information belonging to the users safe.

Now also featuring biometric security with fingerprint and face recognition, you can have the ease of unlocking your phone in a more convenient and secure manner over the traditional ways of unlocking through passcodes or patterns.

Diverse Color Options:

The colours of the Samsung Galaxy S24+ include exclusives only available online: Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, and Orange, while the others are standard ones like Violet, Amber Yellow, Onyx Black, and Marble Gray.

This varies in the color gamut, so every user is assured of having a device according to his choice of personal style and color, hence added scope for satisfaction towards the overall user experience.

Battery Life and Performance

Samsung Galaxy S24+ will feature a huge battery and top-notch hardware to make it the user experience super-soft and proficient.

Battery Capacity and Optimization:

The Galaxy S24+ ensures that the user receives an endurance amount that is more than sufficient for his daily activities. It has advanced AI algorithms designed to be intelligent in all user resource usage, taking into consideration the user's usage patterns to ensure improved phone battery life.

The AI-powered feature optimizes the battery by learning the usage habits of the device owner, thus adjusting the settings of power management of the device to optimum levels required for sustained usage without needing a recharge every now and then.

This adaptive approach to power management thus maximizes battery efficiency, and correspondingly, minimizes the chances for unexpected power drain or premature degradation of the battery.

Fast Charging and Wireless Charging:

The Galaxy S24+ supports fast charging capabilities, allowing users to quickly top up the battery when needed.

The charging system of the device emits massive amounts of power in a very short time. This is ideal for the consumer in that he can continue with his daily duties or activities without having to wait for the device to be recharged fully. Not just that, the Galaxy S24+ will also support wireless charging, and thus users will be able to easily charge the phone without the need for cables. A wireless charging feature that makes it easy for the device to get powered up by placing it over an industry-standard Qi wireless charging pad or a compatible surface.

Flagship-Grade Performance:

Fueling the Samsung Galaxy S24+ will be a flagship-grade processor, as well as ample RAM and storage. With such powerful hardware under its hood, the phone should leave nothing on the air in terms of smooth and responsive operation, even with heavy multitasking and some very demanding apps at bay.

Thanks to its powerful processing, together with the efficient power management, the device makes it possible for transitions from task to task and from one app to another appear seamless, with no visible or perceivable lag or stutter. Be it gaming, content creation, or multi-tasking, the Galaxy S24+ will not let a user feel that its performance and smoothness of running applications is not responsive enough.

Thermal Management and Cooling:

All these technologies basically come together to dissipate the heat generated from powerful hardware on the device, hence no overheating, and allow the Galaxy S24+ to sustain peak performance over a while of use.

Provide an advanced reliable thermal management system and cooling technology that would assure the Samsung Galaxy S24+ offers peak performance in continued use. This will, in turn, keep the temperature of the device in check by using smart software algorithms in combination with heat-dissipating material to regulate the temperature of the device. Such a proactive approach of temperature control keeps in place the stability and reliability for the Galaxy S24+ while executing jobs with high resource consumption or long usage sessions.

Software Optimizations:

This is in addition to a whole lot of software-induced performance enhancements—the Samsung Galaxy S24+.

Its operating system and user interface fine-tune to work in tandem with the underlying hardware, meaning that every interaction and task is carried out quickly and with smooth movement. This also helps in the overall performance and responsiveness for Galaxy S24+ users while running multiples or even heavy applications, background-wise, as it takes care of background task management, memory optimization, among other system-level enhancements.


1. How does the Samsung Galaxy S24+ perform in low-light conditions?

The low-light performance of the Samsung Galaxy S24+ is generally good, but it may not be the best in its class. It manages to balance and fairly light the shots against the extreme darkness in low light, especially when using the provided night mode.

However, the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras truly struggle a lot in low light, compared to the primary camera of the phone. They contain higher noise, and in some instances, the cameras even lose more detail compared to the primary camera.

2. Does the Samsung Galaxy S24+ support 5G connectivity?

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is said to come with support for 5G networks that will guarantee better data speeds and network performance, attributes set to be part of 5G networks.

The device covers both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G technologies and gives the best possible chance of great varieties of 5G coverage while being compatible with all variants of 5G network deployments.

3. Can the Samsung Galaxy S24+ be used as a desktop replacement with Samsung DeX?

Samsung Galaxy S24+ indeed supports Samsung DeX, including the Samsung DeX feature that makes your phone powerful enough to turn into a desktop-like computing platform when it's linked to a compatible display, keyboard, and mouse.

Running on Samsung DeX, users will receive the full PC experience with their Galaxy S24+: they will be able to run apps, access files, and even multitask in a desktop-optimized environment. This will, however, significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of the device, which may allow its use as the primary computing device in some cases.

4. Does the Samsung Galaxy S24+ have a headphone jack?

No, it does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack like the Samsung Galaxy S24+. As with most other flagship smartphones of the past few years, following the trend, Samsung has once again omitted the legacy feature from its new design.

In case these users prefer wired headsets or earpieces, then they will have to opt for USB-C or Bluetooth to connect to the Galaxy S24+. This involves support with premium quality audio codecs, including LDAC, from Sony, for wired connections of compatible headphones in the market to achieve great quality in audio output.

5. What is the battery life like on the Samsung Galaxy S24+?

And the Samsung Galaxy S24+ will have a bigger and high-capacity battery that delivers reliable power to the device. Advanced Power Management by Samsung, assisted by AI-based Optimization Algorithms, contributes to giving the device longer battery life.

In actual real life, the Galaxy S24+ will carry most users through a day's use on a single charge. The device is also adopted for adaptive battery optimization, which studies the user's usage and adjusts power to manage the battery most times without encountering power-drain surprises.

6. Does the Samsung Galaxy S24+ have an IP rating for water and dust resistance?

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is also water- and dust-resistant with an IP68 rating. Yes, this simply means that in ordinary words, you may keep the phone fresh in water at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for a period of 30 minutes without causing damage to it.

Its IP68 rating gives the maximum level of protection, as it guards it from accidental spills, exposure to rain, or even brief immersion in water.

This feature adds another level of durability and peace of mind for users in such a way that the user can confidently use the Galaxy S24+ in varied environments without the worry of getting damaged from water.

It should be noted, however, that while the IP68 rating does give a good amount of protection, it is not an absolute guarantee for full water protection. The user still has to be careful not to submerge the device in water on purpose or leave the device under jets of water for a long time.

7. What is the price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy S24+?

A Samsung Galaxy S24+ would start you at Dhs 4,035.79 for a 128GB model. That price is subject to region, though—specifically, it assumes that there's no promotion or discount that has been availed. The Galaxy S24+ will be available for purchase through Samsung and its preferred carriers and retailers, including but not limited to the Official Samsung Website, their Samsung Experience Stores, and customer contact centers. Worth mentioning, Samsung is known for its flagship trade-in offers and, therefore, bundle deals for a plethora of products and services it offers. This is to say nothing of different colors and storage options that could change that last price point.